Scott County ‘Jaws Of Life’ Truck Stolen, Authorities Say

The Northwest Scott County Volunteer Fire Department had their Jaws of Life truck stolen on Saturday morning (July 26), according to Fire Chief Donnie Adkins.

The theft happened around 7 a.m. at the Highway 378 fire station, Adkins said.

“Someone broke through the west block wall where the AC duct work enters the building,” Adkins said.

After the individual(s) got inside, they unlocked the bay door, drove the truck out, pulled the door down and drove away, according to Adkins.

The truck was valued at $120,000 and was also a FEMA truck, Adkins said.

The community is also worried because if someone becomes trapped in their car, and there isn’t a Jaws of Life machine available to assist, the situation could get very bad, according to Adkins.

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  • Teshia

    Lots of these types of thefts are to take the vehicle to Mexico. We had a Church bus stolen once and it wound up in Mexico, but legally we could do nothing. I think in this particular incident the vehicle was stolen by a passerbyer, or a previous disgruntled member of the dept.
    I bet the truck will be found in a few days, but likely be a burned out hull at the end of some forestry road.

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