Benton County Judge Agrees To Settlement With Former County Comptroller

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BENTON COUNTY (KFSM) – Benton County Judge Robert Clinard has agreed on a settlement with the former county comptroller, authorities say.

Sarah Wilson, the former Benton County Comptroller, was  fired on April 8, and she filed an appeal to go before a grievance committee to attempt to get her job back a couple weeks after being terminated.

Clinard said the settlement was in the best interest of the county, and the county’s relationship with Wilson was severed. He said he can’t talk about the specific details of the deal.

Clinard also added that he had no comment on the settlement.

Wilson was originally fired after being placed on leave in connection with a corruption case, in which, three county workers were arrested.

Clinard fired Wilson after he lost trust in her, officials said.

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  • Jcar

    Sounds like more Government Cover-Up to me! Why don’t you report what this “Circus” has actually cost the Taxpayers?

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