Father Was Arrested Days Before Disappearing With Child

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YELL COUNTY (KFSM) - Records show Brian Floyd was arrested and released last week, just a few days before he, and his 10 month old son, went missing.

Police say he filed a false police report after reporting a burglary at his home.

5NEWS obtained the 911 tapes.

It was just before midnight on Sunday, July 20. Brian Floyd was reporting a burglary in progress.

“There are some young kids who broke into the house,” Floyd said.

According to first responders, Floyd had called 911 several times.

However, most of the calls were reporting a wide variety of different issues. This time, he was saying people were in his home.

“I`m not sure how many there are. But, it looked like there was more than two,” Floyd said.

According to police documents, responders were notified by dispatch that Floyd had a history of mental issues.

When police arrived on scene, they say Floyd was driving his vehicle around his home. They say he appeared to be in a manic state, clearly hallucinating.

According to 911 tapes, Floyd reported that burglars were still inside the home.

“When I was there, in the car, they were [inside]. It looked like one of them was out on the deck just now,” Floyd said.

After police made contact with Floyd, the story then changed.

Floyd changed the story, claiming a woman broke into his home, and was also driving around the house.

Floyd also told police he saw officers with K-9 units walking around his property with the woman as well, at one point even saying he saw officers on the roof of his home.

However, police were not at the home prior to the 911 call, and no K-9 units were on scene.

Police were notified by family that Floyd had been having trouble with his medication.

Police then arrested Floyd on suspicion of communicating a false alarm.

He was assessed a $140 fine, and released from jail.

He has a mandated appearance before a judge scheduled for September 3.

According to court records, Floyd pleaded not guilty in the case.