Dead Greenwod Father Remembered As A “Wonderful” Person, Family Says

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YELL COUNTY (KFSM) - The family of man who was found dead with his 10-month-old son in the Ouachita Mountains this week issued a statement praising the father as a "wonderful" person.

Authorities found the bodies of Brian Floyd, 33, of Greenwood and  his 10-month-old son, Harper, in a remote area near the father's abandoned pickup on Tuesday. His wife and the child's mother, Brooke Floyd, was jailed in Dardanelle on suspicion of felony child endangerment and has been released on a $50,000 bond. She was named by the sheriff as a possible suspect in the deaths.

In the Floyd family statement issued Thursday (July 31), Brian Floyd Sr. said it is difficult for the family to comprehend that Brian and Harper are dead.

"Brian was a wonderful son, brother, father and cousin," Brian Floyd Sr. said. "Harper was our little ray of sunshine! We would like to thank the Yell County Sheriff’s Office and all other agencies for their unwavering   efforts in finding Brian and Harper.

"They were exceptional," he continued. "We have lost two beautiful souls, and heaven has gained two very special Angels dear to our hearts. Our prayers are with Brooke, his wife and her family."

After the father and son’s disappearance, authorities launched a search and rescue effort. Search crews on Tuesday first found Harper Floyd dead around 1:30 p.m., before finding the body of Brian Floyd about an hour later, according to the Yell County Sheriff's Department.

A backpack was found with the bodies, along with some materials not identified by investigators, according to the Sheriff's Department. No weapon was found at the scene.

Brian Floyd and his son went missing Friday near Blue Mountain Lake. The father’s 1998 Chevy King Cab pickup truck later was found in a “remote area,” according to authorities. The father and son were not in the truck.

Brooke Floyd, 21, of Greenwood was arrested over the weekend with cuts and scratches on her body, authorities said.

Brooke Floyd was arrested because she abandoned the child with Brian Floyd in the Ouachita Mountains, Gilkey said July 29.

The father and son were last seen after Brian Floyd’s truck broke down in the Ouachita Mountains south of Blue Mountain Lake, according to officials.

At a news conference on July 28 in Danville, authorities said the Yell County Sheriff’s Department located Brian Floyd’s pickup truck in the mountains.

“The truck was driven to a very remote area,” Gilkey said. “There’s not even a road to get where the truck is.”

Brian Floyd was arrested previously on July 20 on suspicion of communicating a false alarm, according to an arrest report.

Authorities were dispatched to the Floyd residence in the 1500 block of Battlefield Dr. on a possible burglary in progress. While on the way, authorities were informed by the 911 dispatch center that the caller had a history of mental illness, the report states.

When the authorities arrived, they found Brian Floyd driving around his residence in his vehicle. They talked him out of his vehicle while he was in a “manic state” and hallucinating, and he told authorities that a woman had broken into his house and had also been driving around his property, according to the report.

Authorities checked the home and found nothing was disturbed or broken. Floyd said he saw a police officer dressed in black and police dogs walking around his property. He also the officer and dog were on his roof before the woman broke into his house, the report states.

A family member was contacted to help authorities deal with him. That family member told authorities that Brian Floyd had been having trouble with his medicine. He was taken to the Sebastian County Detention Center, according to the report.


  • judy

    sorry to see so much suffering for everyone. hope at some point there can be some kind of peace & understanding for those hurting right now

  • Jeanie Branum

    Prayers for everyone involved. Remember that little baby is with Jesus now and safe. I know it still hurts. I have lost two baby’s but in a totally different way but I do know they are both with our lord safe and happy. My heart aches for both family’s.

  • Rhonda

    The whole world needs Jesus. That’s why the world is so wicked. No one believes any more. That little baby Is with Jesus.

  • amy

    Brian may you rest peace;To baby Harper; you will be forever innocent and always loved. May God wrap his arms around the Floyd Family and give you comfort.

  • nikki

    RIP Brian and Harper.

    I just having one question. How did they die? They said they don’t suspect foul play, but what DO they suspect?

  • Cale

    Why do they continue to write “and, after he is found, faces a charge of communicating a false alarm, according to the report.”????

  • Anita

    Cale… I know, it’s lame on 5’s part. The reporters are just copy and pasting to the old reports.

  • bob566

    Wonder if the stuff found in a back pack was meth? My money says it was they both look like meth heads and poor kid would grew up around that. I wouldn’t dout if it wasn’t the drugs which drove them to be out there

  • arroway

    Wow. As someone with a close family member that is BiPolar/Manic Depressive/”With Schizophrenic Tendencies”, my heart breaks for everyone in this family. I don’t Know this family or if Mr. Floyd had that type of diagnosis, but the report sounds all too familiar. Unless you’ve LIVED this, you have no idea. Godspeed to the deceased and god bless the family. All of them.

  • JusSayin

    I really don’t get into people’s business but all the reporters keep talking about Brian’s mental illnesses, what about his wife? Does she have any mental illnesses? Drugs definitely don’t help someone’s mental state when they have mental illnesses. I know first Hand in this type of situation with both. But I truly in my heart am praying for the families & everyone affected. God bless u all.

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