Police: Drunk Cave Springs Woman Fights Others, Puts Her Baby In ‘Choke Hold’

Chelsea Boggs

CAVE SPRINGS (KFSM) – A drunk Cave Springs woman physically fought with others at a residence while holding her baby, according to a probable cause report.

Chelsea L. Boggs, 23, was arrested on Sunday (July 27) after police responded to a residence in the 800 block of Bright Street in reference to Boggs being drunk and fighting off family members who were trying to take her 1-year-old daughter away so no harm would come to the baby, the report states.

When police arrived, they spoke with the child’s father, who said that Boggs got drunk and “went crazy.” She locked herself in a bedroom where two handguns were stored, according to the report.

The father said that a fight broke out when he asked Boggs, his girlfriend, who she had been speaking on the phone with earlier, and she became aggrivated, started screaming and roughly shook their 1-year-old daughter, the report states.

When he tried to take their daughter away from Boggs, she hit him in the face, according to the report. Police noted in the report that he had red marks on his face and a cut under his lip.

The father then called for other family members who were in the residence to help take the child away from Boggs because she was “acting crazy.” The father told police she began fighting with the father’s roommate and another woman while running away and “dragging the baby around,” according to the report.

The woman who was attacked eventually secured the child and left the residence, the report states.

Police entered the home and spoke with Boggs. She exited the room she was in without incident and yelled at the cop to make the father leave. After calming down, she said she had about five or six beers, and then she started arguing with the father. She said he grabbed her by the neck, and she slapped him, according to the report.

Boggs told police she was holding her baby and did not want to give her up to him. She then said his family and roomate came in and took her daughter away, so, she locked herself in the room, the report states. Police noted in the report there were red hand marks on Boggs’ neck.

The woman who secured the baby and took her away from the residence was contacted by police after she called to report the incident. She said she observed the fight and that Boggs had gotten drunk, was stumbling around the home and an argument broke out between Boggs and the father, the report states.

The woman stated that she moved in to secure the baby, and Boggs kicked and slapped her. Then, Boggs pushed her down, causing her leg to get scratched up, according to the report.

She also told police that Boggs was holding the baby by the neck in a  choke hold to keep people away from her, the report states.

An officer went to check on the welfare of the baby after she was taken from the location of the fight. The officer that checked on the baby noted that she had red marks and scratches in multiple places on her face and body. There were also “distinct” red marks around the shoulder and neck area, but the baby appeared to be okay and “out of harm’s way,” according to the report.

Police spoke with the father and his roommate one final time, and they said that Boggs gets “crazy” every time she drinks, the report states.

Boggs was booked into the Benton County Detention Center and faces charges of second-degree battery and three counts of third-degree battery, the jail’s intake report states.


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