Benton County SWAT Responds To Bella Vista Residence

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Kevin Byers

BELLA VISTA (KFSM) – Bella Vista police officers and Benton County SWAT were called to a residence on Monday (July 28) in response to a man who said he was going to commit suicide, according to a probable cause report.

Kevin Byers,  45, of Bella Vista told a relative that he was going to kill himself, and when police arrived, the relative told them to break the door down if they needed to get into the house on York Drive, according to the report.

Byers told officers they could not enter his residence without a warrant, and he said he “had something” for the police if they tried to enter the home, the report states.

When the relative approached the home and asked him if he was bleeding, he said he was. He said he had burn marks around his neck because he tried to hang himself, but he refused to come out of the house, according to the report.

Officers shined spot lights on the front of the house, and Byers opened the front window, telling officers to turn them off, the report states.

An officer close enough to see Byers said he was wearing a white shirt, shorts and black gloves. The officer did not note any visible wounds in the report.

Hearing loud noises coming from the garage, an officer knocked on the garage door and attempted to negotiate with Byers. He asked him to come outside with his hands up, and Byers refused. Then, Byers reiterated that officers couldn’t enter his home without a warrant and said if officers tried to come in to his house, he would kill at least five of them, the report states.

An officer tried to move in through the front window, but Byers threw a weight at him, and the window broke, according to the report.

Officers called Benton County SWAT, and a team arrived later, the report states.

Before SWAT arrived, officers tried once more to gain entrance through the front window. They pulled a curtain back so they could see inside, but Byers threw another weight at them and pulled the curtain shut again, according to the report.

Benton County SWAT arrived at the residence and surrounded the home. They then negotiated with Byers over the phone. Byers agreed to come out on the back porch and negotiate with SWAT face to face, and when he exited the residence, SWAT tased him on the right shoulder. Byers fell on his back, and he was placed in handcuffs, the report states.

Medical personnel examined Byers and found cuts on his wrists and a red mark around his neck. He was transported to Mercy Hospital in Rogers, according to the report.

A doctor examined Byers and recommended a 72-hour hold for being suicidal, the report states.

Byers was booked into the Benton County Detention Center, and he faces charges of terroristic threatening, assault on a police officer and resisting arrest, according to the report.

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  • John

    It’s important to chargethe mentally ill with lots of crimes. Thank God the police will surely get him the help he needs.

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