Families Anticipate Sales Tax Holiday Before School Begins

FAYETTEVILLE (KFSM) – The state’s annual sales tax holiday starts this Saturday morning, lasting through Sunday night.

The event gives families across Arkansas the ability to shop for several items without having to worry about sales tax.

“What? Kids, expensive? Oh yeah,” said Ron Lee, a parent with kids in school.

As many parents may know, back to school usually means back to the store.

“School clothes, notebooks, pencils, pads, erasers, all the usual things,” Lee said.

In order to help families avoid breaking the bank, the state has implemented a tax-free holiday.

The event removes state and local taxes from certain items for sale.

“It is a blessing. It is great,” Lee said.

The sales tax holiday also takes place in Missouri and Oklahoma. However, their holidays start on Friday, August 1.

City officials say that this event is a great aid to families.

“This is an expensive time of year, when you go shopping for school supplies,” said Raymond Burns, President CEO of the Rogers Chamber of Commerce.  “Especially when you have more than one child.”

The Lee`s are one of those families with multiple kids in school, which means they`ll be shopping a lot before school for many things.

“We needed folders, and some glue sticks,” Michael Lee said.

Some say that this holiday will help make costly supplies cheaper.

“Dry erase markers. Those things are expensive, though,” Benjamin Lee said.

The holiday was implemented for that exact reason.

“It keeps folks in Arkansas shopping, which is good for our local businesses,” Burns said. “School supplies, certain items of clothing, school books. Things like that helps give parents an extra push.”

Some families across the state say they`ll do some shopping this weekend because of the tax holiday.

Only select items will be tax free. Those items can be seen here.

With this tax holiday, families across the state of Arkansas will be able to provide for their children, while saving a few dollars doing it.

“It is just less money for my parents to spend,” Benjamin Lee said.


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