Woman Whose Son, Husband Found Dead Released After Posting Bond

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YELL COUNTY (KFSM) - A woman whose 10-month-old baby and husband were found dead in the Ouachita Mountains was released from the Yell County Jail after posting a $50,000 bond, officials said Wednesday (July 30).

Brooke Floyd, 21, of Greenwood is facing charges of child endangerment and hindering apprehension, officials said.

She appeared before Conway County Circuit Judge Jerry Don Ramy on Tuesday night (July 29) in a telephone bond hearing, according to officials.

She is being represented by Little Rock attorney Bill James, who met with her Tuesday evening.

Authorities are not releasing why Brooke Floyd was arrested, or what charges she could face in connection to the death of her son, Harper, or husband, Brian Floyd.

Authorities said they found the bodies of both Harper and Brian Floyd Tuesday afternoon (July 29) in a remote area south of Blue Mountain Lake.

Yell County Sheriff Bill Gilkey said he could not comment on whether foul play was suspected in their deaths.

A backpack was found with the bodies, along with some materials that have not identified by investigators, according to the Sheriff’s Department. Investigators said they did not find any sort of weapon at the scene.

Harper and Brian Floyd were first reported missing Friday. They were last seen in an area south of Blue Mountain Lake, after Brian Floyd's truck broke down, authorities said.

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  • Carol

    After hearing about how mentally unstable this guy was and about condition she escaped in, I reserve judgement. I do not know all of the facts nor do I know what actually happened. May God bless all of their souls.

  • Denise Smith

    My heart goes out to this family during this tragedy. I pray that God comforts them and gives them peace . My heart is broken and I am deeply saddened

  • Brian Collins

    What I’d like to know is why they arrested the mother for endangering the life of the child and for hindering apprehension? She let the couple’s child go hiking with her husband and the child’s dad. That’s child endangerment? If they consider that child endangerment they could probably arrest you for half the stuff you do with your children in your own home. The lady’s probably tore up over her husband and sons death and then she gets arrested for child endangerment? What was she supposed to know they were going to die in the woods? I know I don’t know all the details but it just seems like they arrest just about anybody for stuff related to their own flesh and blood children anymore. They arrested a California couple and took the child away just because the parents left a hospital and went to another hospital to get a second opinion. Ridiculous.

    • Mark Smith

      Brian can you slow down and consider that there must have been a reason to charge the mother in place of spouting? For instance, if the father was a known druggie with a history of violence and / or mental illness hospitalizations, it would be vastly irresponsible for her to leave the child in his care. Do some critical thinking will you please and stop with the conspiracy theory stuff. Police and DA’s are people also that must follow rules. Tell me, what could they possibly gain by publically charging a mother and wife of murder victims? It makes no sense just as your points make no sense.. Check your Meds buddy.

      • Ari

        Oh prosecutors and cops are wrong ALL THE TIME. Just look at the West Memphis Three, or many other cases where they have thrown innocent people in jail. I’m not saying this woman is innocent, because I dont know. No one knows at this point except for her. But Arkansas authorities dont have the best track record.

  • Brian Collins

    What if I spank my child. Is that child endangerment? I recently got in trouble at a hospital for carrying my child down the hallway. They told me I was not allowed to carry MY child down the hallway because I was endangering the life of my child. People better wake up to this “government has more authority over our children than we do” mess.

  • Brian Collins

    Recently had a child in our community get killed when a tv fell on his head. Maybe they should have arrested the parents for child endangerment cause the parents shouldn’t have had the tv so close to the edge of the tv stand. A power hungry government could use “child endangerment” charges to get any of our children out of the safety of our family and into their corrupt hands. One day reading the Bible to your children may go as “child endangerment.” Watch out.

  • Coleman and Leah Teague

    The world deserves to know that Brian was a loving, caring, and generous individual; regardless of how the media or this situation has represented him. Brian loved his children and our children as well. He taught our son to catch crawdads, worried about boys chasing after our daughter, and helped us through many tough situations in our lives. We love and miss Brian and the way he inspired us to be true to ourselves and live free.

  • Itsasad World

    The reason she was charged with Child endangerment was bc she tested positive for meth and balt salts after they found her on the road. It has not been confirmed at this time if he was under the same influence of drugs. She took the child, along with her husband to a wooded area while high on drugs. That is child endangerment. And bc she was high she was unable to speak coherently. She gave many stories and locations before she come down and gave real information. I hope that she was not responsible for the deaths but she should be charged at the very least with child endangerment. People must be held responsible for the things that happen to their children under their care while under the influence of illegal drugs. And no not all this information has been released at this moment but it will in the future. It is very sad that what drugs do to good people who had many things to offer this world.

  • methkills

    If they were both on meth then I suspect that fowl play is involved. Hopefully they will release the autopsies report soon so the truth can be heard.

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