Small Town Softball Wins World Series

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SCRANTON (KFSM)  - Scranton, Arkansas, a town with just more than 200 people and only one stop sign, is now home to the USSSA 16 and under softball world series champions. The Lady Diamonds softball team has done what they say is the impossible.

"It just seemed so out of reach for us to even go do something that big," Kirklyn Kremers, Lady Diamonds pitcher said. "It was more just getting to play and spending time with our friends and family than go and win and be a big team like that."

Even though these girls have been playing along side each other every summer since they were six years old, this was the first tournament of this level they'd ever played in.

"It was pretty intimidating," Sarah Shaw, Lady Diamonds catcher said. "We're all from this little town, and we're playing all these people from big cities."

"We're a little under estimated sometimes when we go into bigger tournaments and playing against bigger teams and other places with more money and stuff," Shaw said.

But, it's their history together that makes the Lady Diamonds confident and so good on the field.

"There has not been a play on the field they have not seen or been around," David Bailey, Lady Diamonds assistant coach said. "They pretty much know what the other one is going to do before they even do it, and by doing that it makes it special. What we call it is our summer family."

This family couldn't be prouder.