Superior Industries To Close Rogers Plant, Cutting 500 Jobs

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ROGERS (KFSM) - Superior Industries announced that it was going to close its Rogers plant at the end of 2014, according to a news release.

The aluminum wheels manufacturer said it was closing the plant as "part of an initiative to reduce costs and enhance its global competitive position," the release states.

The closure will result in production being shifted to other Superior manufacturing plants, including one in Fayetteville and one in Mexico, according to the release.

This move is expected to save $15 million in labor costs every year, resulting from the company cutting 500 employees, the release states.

Superior Industries expects severance costs to be approximately $2 million, according to the release.


  • bobreal

    THANKS OBAMA another Company Leaving the United States and moving to MEXICO…
    One Bright thing it might KEEP THE MEXICANS coming to the USA….

    • Ted


    • Arnold Fudpucker

      That would be nice but the reality is the illegals coming here are the bottom of the barrel.Illiterate, unskilled and dependent. Anyone worth anything in Mexico gets a job working in these former U.S. based companies. We are mexico’s welfare branch.
      Unions have a major blame is this exodus over the big pond and to the south. The gubbamint could help a lot if they would only be concerned about the USA and not their personal power building. For instance, don’t let the businesses claim deductions for moving expenses. Still labor costs lead the pack but there is plenty of blame to go around.

    • objectivefodder

      Yeah well, better Mexico than China…I’d rather them get the jobs and keep the immigrants from immigrating up from Mexico than giving our Communist friends China, the work… whereby we’ll ultimately end up giving them their claim someday when they decide to cash in and collect upon the looming financial collapse predicted to eventually occur. They own a lot of our debt, so feel good they’ll eventually collect. You’ll be their slave someday moron. Can you say “Nǐ hǎo”? As for Obama, stop blaming him personally you fool idiot. You, like all the other shameless imbeciles don’t understand that your one percent Republican Conservative friends have endorsed, that North American corporations have the same inalienable rights as human beings, and you like that. You also like corporations relocating to foreign soils profiting (as you collect the windfall dividends) while avoiding domestic taxes. Feel good about yourself do you? Congratulations, you just contributed supporting the downfall of America with the “selling out” of our country by job losses in your communities. Like your rental property vacant, do you? Both Republicans and Democrats at the highest level are at fault for NAFTA/GATT. You can think Daddy Bush for his NWO agenda. Stop the incessant political blame please. You’re a part of the problem. Do us all a favor, fight against imperialism and elitism as well as corporatism. That is our enemies. Now go back to Faux News and drool.

  • greedsin

    Actually it was Bill Clinton who opened the door to Mexico back in the 1990’s. I say if these companies want to move their operations to MX…then they should stay there and not work both sides of the tracks, it should be one or the OTHER! make up your minds!…..You go there, STAY THERE! We don’t want you back here in the USA. Your products are tainted and have a stink about them……Thanks for nothing!
    Think on that two faced company.,

  • David

    this is what happens when big business’s sole driving goal is to maximize profit. people are no longer assets. just liabilities. the plant in fayetteville will follow in the next few years.

    • Arnold Fudpucker

      Sad but probably true the Fayetteville plant should prepare for the eventuality. But don’t just blame the companies. That is what our system is set up to do is make a profit those mexican operations don’t operate as a charity you know!). That isn’t the problem. Look at the union problem for instance. You don’t have that in mexico, china or india. What about the punishing tax rate our gubbamint burdens companies with? There are plenty of people to point the fingers at and lay blame. No doubt the extravagant salaries of the top corporate people is obscene (but do you hear anyone complaining about the more obscene salaries to sports figures?) People are no longer assets as you say but they have helped put themselves in that position. My ranking is the unions first and biggest problem then gubbamint but then they are one in the same in many cases.

  • Eldon

    The Rogers plant is making money.

    The Fayetteville plant will not close due to UAW contracts that say all suppliers must maintain one USA manufacturing plant in order to remain a supplier for UAW products, such as Ford, GM, and Chrysler.

    Superior Wheels International is a global leader in wheel manufacturing technology and are no different than any other for profit equity shared company, they must GI the cheapest way possible on cost in order to please shareholders.

    500 jobs lost will result in likely 100 home foreclosures in the area and Superior was a good job with decent wages and great benefits, now these workers will be lucky to work at Wal Mart, or MacDonalds with min wage and no benefits.
    So sad. Lots of repossessed cars are about to be sent to auction as well.

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