Former Deputy Arrested On Suspicion Of Buying Pills Illegally

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FAYETTEVILLE (KFSM) - Former Washington County Cpl. Stephanie Guenther is behind bars at the county jail after being arrested on suspicion of obtaining a controlled substance by fraud, authorities said.

Guenther, 26, is accused of fraudulently obtaining 340 hydrocodone and 240 carisprodol prescriptions, according to a preliminary arrest report from the Prosecuting Attorney's Office. Someone claiming to work for several doctors phoned the prescriptions in to several pharmacies in Fayetteville from May 26-June 23, 2014, the report states. However, the doctors' offices or clinics placed no calls to fill those prescriptions, according to the report.

A pharmacist not named in the report identified Guenther and her vehicle on three occasions when fraudulent prescriptions were obtained, the report states.

Cornerstone Pharmacist Zach Holderfield said he comes across forged prescriptions several times a week.

"At least once a day we definitely have questions," Holderfield said. "A lot of it is questions that they may be completely legitimate but we follow up with the doctor just to make sure."

He said in the last two years Cornerstone's network has implemented new technology to help prevent fraudulent prescriptions.

"One of the tools is a PNP system, and it actually shares data with the seven surrounding states around Arkansas," he said, "And if anyone has been filling controlled medication it will show every controlled medication filled at any pharmacy in this network."

Holderfield said it is common for doctors to prescribe painkillers and muscle relaxers together. Police said Guenther picked up hydrocone and carisprodol, the generic form of a muscle relaxant.

"Honestly, it can sometimes make it sound more legitimate if you see these things together," Holderfield said. "It sounds right, it looks right for the pharmacist and what we see everyday, so it masks that very well."

Sgt. Craig Stout, Fayetteville Police Department spokesman, said it appeared Guenther was keeping the pills for herself.

"We don't have any indication here that she was trying to sell them," Stout said. "A lot of times you may have someone that may have an addiction to these type of painkillers, which is what we typically see."

Guenther, who lives in Prairie Grove, was booked into the Washington County Detention Center Wednesday night (July 30). She was released on a $2,500 bond Thursday afternoon (July 31).

Guenther is set to appear before a magistrate judge for an arraignment in the Washington County Detention Center on Aug. 29, according to court records.

In 2009, Guenther, and a co-worker at the time, Sgt. Lori Schmidt, sued the Washington County Sheriff's Office. They claimed Sheriff Tim Helder and his subordinates allowed male employees to openly discuss sexual practices and watch strip searches of female prisoners. That lawsuit was settled for $395,000 in 2011.



    • DL

      BOBREAL fine blue line? She hasn’t been a cop in several years, so why would you think she was using her “cop status” to get drugs? Your comment is misplaced. I love how the cop haters JUMP at any chance to make comments like this when they don’t read the whole story.

  • ugotthatrite

    maybe it was under a close friends name and she picked up as a favor(not illegal) at a pharmacy where she’s know. attempted fraud suspected, deputies respond, see who it is and are elated at their good fortune. why explain yourself, just let wheels of justice turn and await your day in court…along with you counter suit.
    x deputy-2, wash cnty-0
    jus say’n (charged ain’t always guilty)

    • FedUp

      Yeah, right. BTW, try picking up a prescription at a pharmacy when the prescription isn’t in your name.

      • Triamrider

        Picking up prescriptions not in your name is done all the time. I pick up for my granddaughter whose last name is different.

  • satan loves you

    Oh no…not prescription drugs!!!!! Put her in prison!!!! Lets arrest the entire population!!! Lolol

  • I Know Her

    This woman needs to be in jail and for a long time!! First off, she knew better. She worked in the jail. She knew what the consequences were! When you work in a jail, you see first hand what breaking the law results in. I have no mercy for her. I know her personally and I can tell you that she is a horrible human being. She is a snake!! She will NEVER learn her lesson if she is released with a slap on the wrist!! People on here defending her are probably her pill buddies.

    • anon

      Whoever you are, your opinion isn’t needed or matter. You say you know her, but do you really? Or is it more like you knew her once and she hurt your feelings somehow? Do you see her on a every day basis? Have you even come into contact with her recently? If not, your words are pointless. She has friends and family who know her, love her, and see her on a day to day basis. Those who really know Steph, love her and are supporting her. Her family is going through a rough a time. And seeing your comments (and everyone elses) isn’t helping. It’s just mean and hurtful. Go by the old saying “If you can’t say anything nice, Don’t say anything at all” . The truth will come out eventually. And I hope, for her family, that she’s innocent.

    • Lindsay

      Explain how she is a horrible human being. I want to know because I’ve known her for 20 years and she’s NEVER been anything but a great person, friend, and mom. She’s even taken on boys that aren’t biologically hers and treats them just like the ones that she birthed. I want to know what she did to you that is so bad…

  • Tom

    I know her personally and she is getting what she deserves. She is a liar and she hasn’t worked a real job since she took the taxpayers money from that bogus suit. Anyone else who knows her will think the same. She lies about herself and slanders anyone who crosses her. Hope she rots in jail. She will be found guilty.

  • Austin

    It’s obvious that this is retaliation for her lawsuit. She made the wrong person mad so they got even by setting her up… If I were a betting man that’s the “truth” I’d be putting my money on

  • kyler32291

    She deserves to rot away in prison for a good while. Taking pain pills recreationally like that is almost as bad as taking heroin. Karma finally caught up to her, and Karma is a mean ‘ol bi*ch. Ha.

  • MrGreenThumb

    i say we let her go. just trying to get a little messed up. nothing wrong with that you intolerant hillbillys. maybe if this state would of legalized marijuana there’d be less drug crimes. ever think of that arkansas? no cause your all stupid.

    • Tom

      Nothing wrong with taking or having over 500 painkillers?? Just a deadly combination of strong meds for a mother of four. You need to get a clue. If you knew her, you would be celebrating the fact that she is finally having to face the music.

      • MrGreenThumb

        500? means she just wanted a good time TOM! she used to be a pig shes still got that power thing going on leave her alone. 300 fine and a week of community service should do it.

  • LT

    I cant live with myself if i dont comment on the arrest of Anna Nicole Smith oh i mean stephanie lol….for someone to be dumb enough to write fake scripts(and assume they can get away with it) has an epic addiction. The funny part is stephanie loves to talk trash about anyone and everyone..she loves to cause problems..but in her opinion she is superior to her peers and lives the perfect life. Wonder what the people at her church are thinking??? Lol. Im sure her former co-workers at washington county were ecstatic to see her…royal treatment, nothing less than deserved. opiate withdraw in jail will be horrific..sorry girl. I do know her personally and she has a high price to pay in the karma dept. Regardless of jail time she will be labeled a felon for the rest of her life…as should. i wish that her mom and sister were in jail with her lol…all three of them are a trouble making, white trash women with less than sterling reputations that love ruining the lives of decent people.

    • Tommie

      I couldn’t agree with you more, LT. I don’t know her mom & sister, but she is the most horrible person I have ever known.

    • Lindsay

      You couldn’t be further from the truth. I’ve known her my entire life and never known her to do any kind of drugs. She wouldn’t do that to her boys. You obviously have personal issues that you need to have worked out, but you’ll see that she is not the person that you’re saying. Get off your high horse.


        Lindsay you must thought that you knew her. She would do what ever she wants to please herself. That is the only person she cares about. She is a lowdown lying twofaced no good person. I KNOW HER.

      • penny vickery

        Well Debbie I told you that you should have gotten Stephanie help years ago! Maybe the state will.

  • objectivefodder

    Hey, news flash Hickerbillydom gawkers, it’s a Medical problem, no need for jail…just like weed, it’s a victimless crime. Stop supporting of the MARKING of all of us, you coliseum spectators. I swear, I’d put money on 90% of you killing Christ again, if given the opportunity. Some of you are frothing at the mouth waiting to execute everyone and cull those whom you deem inferior and at fault with what you call sin. Trust me, your day is coming also, you just don’t know it yet. Hypocrites! I don’t give a damn if she knew better or not, you hateful executioners. And get this, if she was selling them, well now, that’s another issue, but if she’s only using, then submit medical help and drop the charges as long as she complies and completes the court ordered course. I’m more concerned about thieves and rapist along with murderers than I am societal drug addictive behavior. She’s obviously not the brightest light bulb in the package, but hey, her decisions have been flawed with bad choices. Can we get her some help please? Our law enforcement has more important pressing matters and issues. I don’t blame the pharmacists for anything because he was doing his dutiful job. She is at fault so let’s get her some help and send her on her way. And some of you are misusing prescription drugs, shall I snitch on you? Fools! Now go nark on your neighbors, you weaklings.

  • Cindi huffman

    The story, at its core is wonky. You cannot ” call in” scripts for either of those narcotics. Arkansas law requires that You have to have a handwritten hard copy from a doctor. Then hand delivered the prescription to the pharmacy. Which means it has to be someone that works in the doctors office that is committing the fraud. And this girl does not work for a doctor. Just try to call a pharmacy and say “I am doc wanna a pill ” and see what happens. Definitely an inside job.

    • LT

      so how do u explain stephanie going to the pharmacy and picking up scripts that belonged to her father in law that was dying of cancer and lying about it and keeping them for herself??? she was too dumb to realize they were videotaping her and had A copy of her signature. The police have been watching her for awhile. Btw her father in law passed away on may 29 just a couple of months ago just to give u an idea how critically ill he was, she is heartless and sick. Her four boys will be better off without her

  • i know u

    This area is a cesspool….no wonder people need pain pills to cope….especially having to deal with idiots like “I know her”

    • I Know Her

      You think you know me? HAHAHAHA. It is obvious to me that you don’t know anything! You wrote that, ‘No wonder people need pain pills to cope’.. hmm.. You are probably one of those people so, stop typing and go pop your stupid pills ya freak.

    • penny vickery

      I know her really does know her and is telling it honestly. If anybody thinks she’s so great you don’t know her as good as you think you do! A lot of innocent people including the two oldest boys have suffered because of the things she has done and said which were lies. I know this for a fact myself.

    • Lindsay

      She is NOT a horrible person. She is a great person and a great mom. IF she did do this, it was a mistake, but there are always two sides to EVERY story!

      • LT

        i need help?? Let me break it down for u Lindsay…call baker pharmacy in Lincoln and ask them about it. Hmmm how would i know that is the pharmacy she signed for her father in laws scripts at?? Makes u wonder who i am possibly?? I dont think God would approve of her stealing meds from a dying man. The majority of people on here also have a low opinion of her. just saying. So driving around in her suburban with her boys in the car while she commits felonies makes her a good mom??? I disagree. I have an idea…lets ask her to take a drug test. If she is not a drug addict then im sure she will gladly comply to prove her innocence.


    She would do this and more. she only cares about herself (no one else including her boys). She is a lying manipulative deceiving bad person. I KNOW FOR SURE.

  • Connie Amos

    You all can say all the mean stuff you want. But your to chicken to leave your name. Leave this girl alone.
    We are all innocent until proven guilty. let the court decide not the public. I only know what i have read but I do know there are two sides to every story. So until we hear the other side please quit bashing her. and notice I put my real name.

    • Tom

      Connie, people who know her will not use their real name for fear of her suing them. She threatens to sue or call the cops if you upset her. Lindsay, give her time and she will take you down if you cross her. 2 sides to each story, fairy tale. THE POLICE DIDN’T JUST MAKE THIS UP, get a clue. She just moved out of West Fork because, according to her husband, they have no friends there. Now they will pollute Prairie Grove again. I will bet on that. They do have great kids and I hope that they continue to excel in life in spite of her. I can do this all day.

  • rosie white

    @ Connie you obviously don’t know her….I have personally witnessed her manipulate the system in order to bully others and ruin lives. She is a HORRIBLE person!

  • Itburnzwhenipee

    You people are nothing but a bunch of nosy idiots. Why don’t you leave this young lady alone and mind your own business. If she wants to buy prescription pain killers then good for her, it’s her business. Nice to see the police have time to investigate and arrest her instead of stopping all the rapists and child molesters running around here..

  • John

    In reading these posts, I really can’t believe how many are no longer associated with Christianity in Arkansas. From the talks of karma, there appears to be a plethora of Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism, Sikhism, Taoism, Shintoism, Ching Hai in Arkansas. I’m astonished! To think we live right here in the Bible belt and so many have forsaken the true way. Wow!

    • Jesus and Pals

      What truth are you speaking of John? You mean the word of ancient desert dwellers who believed the world was flat, who believed that monsters were at the end of the ocean? LOL LOL ROFLOL

  • I don't know her

    To say her boys or any child is better off without their mother is just ignorant. Have any of you thought that maybe she has an addiction and maybe that’s why those of you that claim to ” know her” don’t know her at all and maybe you know the addict. She needs some help so instead of celebrating her being in trouble why don’t you think of her children who will now be made fun of at school by kids with parents such as yourselves . Grow up! Try holding out a hand and helping someone you’ll sleep much better at night.

    • rosie white

      It is a fact that she spent time on social media talking trash about others & indulged in publicly hurting others with false accusations……NO MERCY!!

  • loving cousin sue

    For those condemning her for supposedly talking trash and such, how about you take a good look in the mirror. What are you doing now. You are saying horrible mean things about someone that you do not truly know. You definitely do not know what our family is going through right now or has been going through. She has stepped above and beyond to help those who no one else would. Nobody is perfect. And for you to treat her the way you are is wrong. She is my family. Until you have walked a mile in her shoes, you have no room to speak. All of you can shut the %$&% up and leave her alone. I pray that God has mercy on you and forgives you for the things that you have said. We have all made mistakes and said things that should not have been said. But does that mean that we have to hate each other so much and have no forgiveness? Wake up. Stop judging her, you know not the truth. God bless you all.

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