New Islamic Center Scheduled To Open In Russellville

RUSSELLVILLE (KFSM) – An Islamic center is scheduled to open in Russellville in the coming weeks, according the center’s website.

The Islamic Center of Russellville is scheduled to open in approximately two weeks, officials said.

According to the website, the number of Muslims in Russellville has been growing steadily over the past few years.

“The number of Muslims in Russellville have drastically increased in the past few years, and the total population of Muslims here has reached close to 250,” the website states.

The Islamic Center of Russellville is going to be located at 500 W. Main St., and the building is currently being renovated, according to the website.

For the past 20 years, obligatory prayers and Jumuah (Friday) prayers were being observed in a room on the Arkansas Tech University campus. While area Muslims said they were grateful to the college for providing the opportunity to practice their faith, they saw the need for a separate location or masjid as the number of Muslims praying increased, the website states.

When the Islamic Center of Russellville opens, officials said they are expecting approximately 100 people to attend and pray at the center, with a high number of participants being students at Arkansas Tech University.


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