River Valley Native Severely Beaten While Jogging

PARIS (KFSM) – A River Valley woman is recovering after she was severely beaten to the point where she was unrecognizable, according to our sister station CBS 46.

Tina Waddell is a Logan County native from Paris.

Thursday in Dallas, Georgia, authorities said she went for a run on a trail alone. Her husband Jim Waddell said a different woman returned.

“That`s not my wife,” Jim Waddell said.

Investigators said she was brutally attacked by a man.

“The guy tried to drag her. She had scratches on her back where he tried to drag her. She put up a good fight because she`s got bruise marks all over her fists,” Jim Waddell said.

Tina Waddell’s son told 5NEWS she is recovering from surgery and is conscious.

“She just said she was running and said he came at her from the front, and that`s all she remembered,” Waddell said.

Waddell said leaving a woman so brutally beaten is impossible to understand.

“She has a lot of broken bones in her face,” he said. “Her nose is broken. They`re going to have to wire her jaw shut, and that`s going to be about six to eight weeks there.”

Authorities don’t believe Waddell was sexually abused.

The Paulding County Sheriff’s Office in Georgia said the attacker’s motive is unclear at this time, and they do not have any suspects.


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