Oklahoma Residents Enjoy Final Hours Of Tax Free Holiday Weekend

Tax-free shopping wraps up Sunday night (Aug. 3) in Oklahoma.

Beverly McBride and her granddaughters Madeline and Caitlyn have spent much of the weekend out shopping around town, enjoying what remains of the tax-free weekend.

“I’m raising 6 grandchildren, so it’s helped me a lot.”

According to the Oklahoma Tax Commission, in 2007, the State Legislature passed a bill to benefit retailers and consumers with tax-exempt shopping. Unlike Missouri and Arkansas, school supplies are not included on the tax exempt list only clothing items are in the Sooner State.

“I don't know why,” resident Lori Philippi said. “It should be I think even before clothing because they're necessary for education, the supplies. I know a lot of people who do without.

While both grandmothers are enjoying no sales tax buying clothes at their favorite stores, they’d like to see the tax-exempt list expanded to include school supplies.

“It puts the burden on the parents, and I’ve shopped for them, and they’re expensive,” Philippi said.

“The economy is really bad, you know, not enough jobs, and there’s kids out here that need the help,” McBride said.

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