Calif. Teen Takes “Fire Challenge” And Suffers Serious Burns, Authorities Say

The LA Times – A 16-year-old teen was sent to the hospital and suffered first- and second-degree burns on Friday (Aug. 1) after officials say he tried to set himself on fire, possibly in an attempt to complete a challenge being spread across the Internet, according to The LA Times. 

The unidentified boy poured rubbing alcohol across his chest and lit himself on fire, The LA Times reported.

The teen was taken to a nearby hospital with burns on his hips, face and neck. On Saturday (July 2), he was in “stable” and “moderate” condition, according to The LA Times. 

Witnesses said the teen had watched “fire challenge” videos on YouTube. In those videos, people put flammable materials on their bodies and then try to set themselves on fire without causing injury, The LA Times reported.

Read the full story on The LA Times, by clicking here. 

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  • Arkajun

    I can’t feel sorry for these idiots. Nor do I pay much attention to their antics. I just see them as Nature’s way of selection, that only the strong of a species survive.

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