Cedarville Police Lose Fourth Chief Since Last Year

CEDARVILLE (KFSM) – The Crawford County prosecutor says it may be time for the Sheriff’s Office to patrol Cedarville, after the city lost its fourth police chief in the last 14 months.

The Cedarville Police Department is again without a chief, after Blaine Irvin resigned recently. County prosecutor Marc McCune said on his Facebook page the lack of stability impacts his office when prosecuting crimes.

“Facebook is Facebook regardless of who`s on it, and until I speak with those people personally, ordinarily it`s Facebook,” Cedarville Mayor Glenanna O`Mara said.

McCune questioned whether it would be better to have the Crawford County sheriff take over duties in the city.

“Cedarville Police Department is going nowhere at this time,” O`Mara said.

Irvin resigned because of time and pay constraints, officials said. Chief Mark Gentry was fired last October for undisclosed reasons. Six other officers resigned at the time. Four police chiefs have served the city since June of 2013.

O`Mara said city leaders are looking for a new chief.

“They could work any number of hours they are salaried here. At this time, it is $13,500, which, again, is not enough to raise a young family on,” O`Mara said.

O’Mara said plans are in the works to potentially propose a one-cent sales tax to increase the chief’s salary.

The mayor said the department has five officers. Two are paid.

Crawford County Sheriff Ron Brown said he will assist Cedarville as needed to provide quality law enforcement—as he would any police department in the county.


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