Clarksville, Cranor Eye Turnaround In 2014

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CLARKSVILLE (KFSM) - There have been plenty of changes for the Clarksville Panthers since the start of the 2013 season.

The school moved up to class 5A prior to last season and now bring in new head coach Eli Cranor to start the 2014 year.

With all the changes, there has been one thing that has been consistent since Cranor took over - tempo.

"Faster," Clarksville senior Josh Rohr said. "Pace of everything of practice is a whole lot faster and not only that, it’s intense the whole time."

Cranor takes over after spending the past few seasons as offensive coordinator at Arkadelphia. The Badgers scored nearly 600 points last season and it's that brand of football Cranor is trying to instill with the Panthers.

"There is an excitement," Cranor said. "There is a core group of guys that are just absolutely living and breathing what we are asking them to do so we couldn’t be any more excited about that core group and as a coaching staff we are leaning on those guys."

Clarksville has missed out on the playoffs each of the past two seasons while combining for just four wins. It's changing that outcome that is on the forefront of the player's minds.

"After two not so good years, for sure, looking for this year to go to the playoffs," Clarksville senior Jaden Richardson said.

Taking things one day at a time is the focus of Cranor and his coaching staff as they roll toward the season opener against local rival Lamar.

"I think that we have the potential to do the things that the boys want to do as far as win-losses go but we have to invest some time and be able to give of ourselves," Cranor said.


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