New 911 System In Leflore County

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LEFLORE COUNTY (KFSM)-The Leflore County Sheriff’s office officially upgraded their 911 center Wednesday (August 6).

“This is a $190,000 upgrade from out previous system,” Leflore County Sheriff Rob Seale said.

Seale said the funding came from the sheriff’s office budget.

“'The call quality is going to be better coming in,” Seale said. “We are going to have everybody in one central location. Instead of having to transfer calls back and forth between the sheriff`s office and taking chances on calls being dropped.”

The system is more web and user friendly.

“The mapping that we have now is what they call ortho mapping,” 911 supervisor Dana Gibson said. “It`s going to help tremendously with getting to locations where they need us.”

When it's a dire situation the features can save lives.

Seale said in the past authorities have had problems tracking cell phone calls which will be less of a problem with the new software.

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