Fort Smith Railroad Crossing Causes Concern

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FORT SMITH (KFSM)- A busy road used to commute between from Van Buren and Fort Smith is causing headaches for drivers.

Drivers said a section of the road is so rough, it could damage a car.

A railroad crossing is causing the concern on Riverfront Drive, also known as, the Clayton Expressway near the Fort Smith park.

The asphalt is crumbling and leaving large holes, making for a rough drive. Some people are nervous they will bottom out as they cross.

It’s a busy commute, so, some take it slow. Other drivers choose not to take it slow.

The city of Fort Smith said it's up to the Arkansas and Missouri Rail Road to fix the problem.

"We have to coordinate with the department of transportation to shut down that road,” Ron Sparks with the railroad department said. “They have to give us the permission [on] when and how that can be done because they would have to reroute traffic on that particular road."

Sparks said they hope to have a crew out in the next few days and have the area fixed by the end of the year.



  • bobreal

    I don’t know what year You got Your Driver License???
    But when I took mine…
    A RxR means —– STOP LOOK LISTEN

    • Ishmail Dentor

      You are correct for unguarded crossings. If the crossings are guarded with lights and a barrier then you are not required to stop until the lights are flashing. I, being overcautious, still slow down and look even if the light are out.

  • ehhh

    Doesn’t matter if you do stop, look and listen. That railroad crossing is ridiculously bad. I’ve been taking that road for about 10 years now to work. I personally think the slower you go crossing it, the worse it is on your car. Sometimes it gets so bad I just take a different route. Regardless, it needs addressed.

  • Joaquin7406

    this is a lack of upkeep by the AR/MO they need to pay for some track panels like they have in the city of Johnson AR at the crossings but they’re too cheap… the same thing is happening in Springdale, AR ar Shady Grove Road Crossings… they just come out and slap down some more asphault down, but the heavy feed trucks/ semi trucks running over it all day tear ut up again quickly with the heat… they’ve needed track panels there for years but like I said it’s a cost thing… and AR/MO simply can’t afford the track maintainence.

  • bobreal

    I’ve seen at least twice a Boxcar broke free an went from one side of town to the other…
    Just in case there is a Railroad Car rolling…

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