AOG Opens New Fueling Station In Fort Smith

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FORT SMITH (KFSM) - A new $1 million fueling station opened Thursday (Aug.7).  It allows people to fill up their cars with compressed natural gas. The Arkansas, Oklahoma Gas Corporation held a ribbon cutting ceremony to celebrate the new facility. Business leaders and politicians attended along with the Chamber of Commerce.

The new fueling station is located on Savannah Street near the Fort Smith airport. Construction started on the facility back in March. The new facility cost the Arkansas, Oklahoma Gas Corporation about $1 million. They wanted to give consumers the chance to fuel with this kind of natural gas.

AOG has a total of three locations, including two in Fort Smith and the other being in Arkoma, Oklahoma.

The station allows people to refuel your vehicle with clean natural burning gas instead of using regular gasoline. Also, the CNG is cheaper coming in at a $1.62.

This isn't made for just any vehicle, your car has to be converted in able to use the compressed natural gas. It can be to existing cars or you can buy one directly from a manufacturer.

Fred Kirkwood, Senior Vice President of Customer Development at AOG said they have been ready for this day to come. "We are very excited because its been a long time coming, "said Kirkwood. "We have a great demand in this area for people that are wanting to use compressed natural gas, and building this second station gives them that flexibility now to fuel at different stations."

Kirkwood said they have two compressed natural gas stations also being built now in Northwest Arkansas.