Fort Smith Army Captain Mourns Loss Of General Killed In Afghanistan

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FORT SMITH (KFSM) - The body of the highest ranking American officer killed in combat in the Afghanistan and Iraq wars is back at home.

5NEWS spoke to a Fort Smith woman out of Fort Hood, Texas, who served as an aide the general.

U.S. Army Engineer Cpt. Aston Armstrong said Maj. Gen. Harold Greene knew how to mold a unit.

“We are just going to miss him so much and it`s just so awful,” Armstrong said. “It`s just been so heartbreaking and so devastating. I know Afghanistan is a very dangerous place things like this do not happen to people of his rank.”

Officials believe Greene was shot during an attack by a hiding enemy soldier at a military training academy in Afghanistan on Tuesday.

“I just feel guilty because a month and a half ago, I was there. That was my job,” Armstrong said. “I just keep thinking, if I was there, would it have been different?”

Greene's family is set to bury the general at Arlington National Cemetery next week.

Armstrong plans to attend Greene’s funeral services. Greene is a native of upstate New York.