Layoffs Coming To Springdale As Tool Plant Moves Out Of State

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SPRINGDALE (KFSM) - Jobs at a Springdale tool plant will be lost when it consolidates with another plant and moves to South Carolina, according to a statement released Thursday by the Springdale Chamber of Commerce.

The Springdale location of APEX Tool Group will merge with a plant in Texas, with the new location being based in South Carolina, said Springdale Chamber of Commerce President Perry Webb.

“This plant has been a part of Springdale’s economy for more than 45 years, and we are saddened by this decision,” Webb said in a statement.

Layoffs at the plant will be held off until 2015. Mayor Doug Sprouse said he is saddened by the announcement, but confident Springdale’s economy will stay strong.

“Layoffs are never good news, but we are confident our strong local economy will continue to create quality jobs that can address the demand created by this announcement,” Sprouse said in a statement.

The decision was made by officials at APEX’s corporate headquarters in Sparks, Maryland, according to the Chamber of Commerce statement.


  • Terry

    Really this made news but Superior closing its springdale plant or the over 900 people its laid off in the last year didn’t?

  • Velda

    This is devastating and this decision will destroy famies. Lots of young couples will now looses their home and vehicles. Springdale needs to make a real plan before all the jobs leave town. Springdale will turn into Detroit Michigan unless people stand up and fight for every job. Suspend real estate taxes, get the state to forgive state income taxes, get utilities subsidized by the city, do what ever it takes, because it will cost the city 100 fold if these jobs are lost.

    • Elaphas

      “Suspend real estate taxes, get the state to forgive state income taxes, get utilities subsidized by the city, do what ever it takes…” This is what America has become – a country of moochers.

  • mark

    Velda, those are some of the dumbest comments I have seen. This is not good news but also not the tragedy for the city you think. Springdale has led the state in job creation for years. Read more. Post less.

    • Velda

      Let’s see you loose your job, along with hundreds of others, and the best you can do is now $7.75 at McDonald’s, vs the $22.00 that you was making, see how fast this wouldn’t be devastating to your family.

      This is a huge deal and lives will be drastically different for many of these families.

      • mark

        Obviously reading comprehension is an issue with you. Losing the jobs is an issue with the employees affected but not so much to the city as a whole because Springdale has led the state in job creation for years. Your comments about the city becoming Detroit were complete nonsense and plain silly. Your other comments on what it’s reactions should be were equally absurd. Finally, if these workers can’t find better than fast food jobs in their employment search than they had zero skills to begin with. I give them more credit than that. Apparently, you do not.

    • FedUp

      “Voted best place to raise a family”? What? I don’t even like to go to Little Tijuana much less raise my family there.

  • Good morning

    Apex makes Craftsman Professional series tools that you get off the craftsman website. I’m sure a few people didn’t know that…. I have a business contact there and it really is a shame to see this plant close. If you recall, the other plant in Fayetteville closed 5 years ago.

    it’s a sad fact that people prefer to buy foreign made goods to save a little. This closing is a secondary effect of that mentality. I can name other companies who have gone that route–moving manufacturing to another location, then eventually overseas (Mexico, China, and Vietnam Nam) over the past 8 years.

    You either buy American or face this reality.

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