Logan County Brainstorms Ideas For New Jail

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LOGAN COUNTY (KFSM)- Logan County officials came together Thursday (August 7) to brainstorm a way to build a new jail.

Logan County Sheriff Steve Smith said space is very tight.

"I've been talking about this for last five six years,” Smith said.

Smith said he needs a way to fund a new jail.

"Whether it's a tax whether it's a millage increase," Smith said.

The jail was built in 1988 in Paris for 20 people. 26 years later, the jail is holding 34.

"We are at capacity all the time and a lot of times over capacity,” Smith said.

Smith said plans were in place to build a jail with Franklin County to house inmates from both counties, but that fell through.

The Logan County jail's been written up for insufficient staffing and space.

"I want to start from scratch we don't have any room here," Smith said.