Rogers Police Seek Man On Suspicion Of Stealing From Walmart And Running Away

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ROGERS (KFSM) – A man  is being sought on suspicion of stealing merchandise from a Rogers Walmart, police say.

The merchandise was taken on Aug. 4 around 2:10 p.m. from the Walmart at 2110 W. Walnut St., according to police.

A total of $151 worth of merchandise from Walmart was stolen that afternoon, police say.

The man was seen selecting items and then exiting through the garden entrance, without paying for anything. The suspect was last seen fleeing east from the Walmart across the parking lot, according to police.

Anyone who can identify the suspect is encouraged to call 479-636-4141 or the Crimestoppers Tip Line at 790-TIPS.

Suspect 2


  • Jesus and Pals

    Oh no, a Walmart thief!!! He must be stopped! Forget about all the child molesters running loose, this man has committed the ultimate crime, stealing from the filthy rich!!! Can’t believe that shoplifters make the news now… LOL

  • security!!

    This is as bad as the story a few weeks back where the lady at walmart (mcdonalds) was in trouble because the McDonalds employee gave the lady change for a $100 bill when the lady never actually gave her the bill in the first place. 5 news had the lady’s photo on this website (and probably on their nightly news programs as well) and it’s like “be on the look out for this person” ..When all it was is a misunderstanding and a McDonalds employee who can’t do her job right.

    I picked my nose in Walmart the other day, I’m sure they caught it on tape. I’m in trouble now.

    • Curt Lanning

      If you did pick your nose in Walmart, let us know. We’ll want to include that in our evening broadcast.


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