Security Upgrades Installed at Van Buren Schools

VAN BUREN (KFSM) – New security measures are going into effect at Van Buren Public Schools ahead of the upcoming school year.

At Parkview Elementary School, one of those upgrades include new security cameras being installed throughout the building. Not only will the cameras keep an eye on what’s going on throughout the day, but they are also part of a new buzzer system.

All visitors will now have to use the buzzer system to enter the building, according to Principal Stacie Wood.

She explained that to get in to the schools now, visitors must first ring a door bell. Secretaries will then talk with the visitor over an intercom system, asking them why they need to be let in to the building. Meanwhile, those secretaries are also looking at surveillance video. After the visitor enters the building, he or she must stop at the office and sign in, before being allowed in the hallways or near any classrooms.

“Schools were built to be open, friendly and welcoming,” Wood said. “But, nowadays, you just never know what risk factors are out there. So knowing that the front door is locked and that we have to authorize everyone who comes in just makes everyone feel safer.”

Administrators said the doors at Parkview will be locked every day at 8 a.m., after students arrive and are inside their classrooms. If teachers need back into the building after 8 a.m., they will have a specific key they can use to get inside.

Wood said the new security measures will be in effect for the first day of class on Aug. 18.


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