Governor Responds To Senator’s Letter Regarding Immigrant Children In Arkansas

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FAYETTEVILLE (KFSM) - More than 100 abandoned children from Central America have been sheltered into Arkansas, leading to a disagreement over where they should go.

Senator Bart Hester sent a letter to Governor Beebe earlier this month, asking for answers on the topic of the placement of children.

He received a response from the governor shortly after.

“It was exactly what I was looking for.” Hester said. “There is 166 of these undocumented immigrants in Arkansas. They are not documented as refugees, they are undocumented immigrants.”

The letter was straight forward, also clarifying that the children were screened for diseases, and vaccinated before being placed by the federal government.

“We absolutely have a responsibility to know in the state of Arkansas,” Hester said.

Hester says this response from the governor is just the start of the conversation, saying he has more questions to ask.

“Did the governor have notice that these kids were coming to Arkansas? Did he have the option to say yes, or no? Does the legislator have the option to say yes, or no?” Hester said.

According to Matt DeCample, spokesman for Governor Beebe, the answers are no.

According to the governor’s office, the governor did not know about the placements prior. They also say he couldn`t prevent the placements, nor could the legislators.

Fayetteville Mayor Lioneld Jordan says his city should help these kids.

“The most important thing is to see what we can do to help the children,” Jordan said. “You have to do it right, you have to do it correct.”

Jordan says they are surveying the safest, yet legal, way to help these kids.

“What we are looking to do is to try and help the children that are immigrant children, trying to give them support, trying to give them help,” Jordan said. “Our city has always been very open, and very compassionate, with people.”

Jordan says local religious institutions in the community have offered to help the kids.

However, Hester says it is important for the state to have a say on the placement of these children.

“I’m not necessarily wanting to send these children home, I`m wanting a game plan for the future,” Hester said.



  • Get Real

    So glad this liberal mayor is in Fayetteville! I wonder how much of his own money he is donating to these ILLEGAL ALIENS he is helping break the law. Unfortunately most of the funding to support this infestation will come from citizens who pay taxes, not the illegal parasites already feeding at the government trough. News Flash mayor, the safest and most legal thing to do is send these “kids” right back to where they came from.

    • Happy Dad

      You need to read more–those children are utilizing a legal loophole. The loophole is in the following law, which incidentally was passed and signed with bipartisan support (both Democrats and Republicans passed this law): H.R. 7311 (110th): William Wilberforce Trafficking Victims Protection Reauthorization Act of 2008. As an independent thinker, I grow tired of the nut jobs in both parties of congress pointing fingers. If it was a real crisis, why don’t they repeal the law???

      The answer is that congress is adjourned right now. They are doing nothing.

      People, don’t go off of what the media is spoon feeding you–look up the law.

  • Jack Smith

    GET REAL is your typical right wing conservative republican that wraps himself in the flag and the bible. They go around and scream that those disgusting liberals are taking GOD out of school. At the same time they choose to ignore the 80% of the New Testament that talks about feeding the poor, helping the sick, and treating the foreigner as one of your own.

    My dear conservatards it’s not Liberals that are killing God, it is you guys. You use God only to show off to everyone else. It’s like driving that fancy car. You drive it around town hoping people will notice that you are successful and have money. When nobody is looking you could care less about that fancy new car. The same goes for the bible. You are nothing but pure hypocrites.

    Liberals are the one’s that brought us the end of slavery, the end of racism, the beginings of our nation, the new testament of the bible. Progressive thinkers like Jesus is what makes the world a better place. Don’t try to play the old DEMOCRATS voted against civil rights and republicans freed the slaves. Don’t confuse party with idelogy there conservatard. LIBERALS were once in the republican party and drove their social policy. In the 1960’s the LIBERAL republicans jumped ship and joined the democrats, the conservative DEMOCRATS went to the Republican party. They inherited the racists.

    Before you go bashing LIBERALS please look around the world. Where do you find most of our problems arise from? Liberal countries or CONSERVATIVE countries? FACT: Conservative ran countries like those in the middle east allow religion and government to intermingle with each other. LIBERAL ran countries like those in northern Europe keep an arms lengeth between religion and government, therefore the people have many more freedoms and their societies enjoy much better standards of living.

    Conservatives, time to put down the tea bags and pick up a BOOK!

    • Get Real

      Typical bed-wetting liberal who thinks the world is a “touchy-feely, warm-fuzzy big campfire where we can all sit around singing Kum by ya and all things will be better. Bringing the Bible into it seems your idea jack squat, and what “liberal” country is leading the way? Please don’t quote Sweden, Switzerland, France, UK, or the other “socialist” and “liberal” countries in Europe. They are on the verge of financial ruin, and most are trying to prevent further immigration, and remove from the welfare rolls those already there. Perhaps the one who should pick up a book is yourself. You are trying to confuse conservatives with fascists, an ignorant but consistent liberal ploy. A country without borders is not a country, and that is exactly what the racist, arrogant thugs and thieves in the current administration in DC are looking for. In your compassion, jack, please take in half a dozen or so of these kids, who are mostly teenagers anyway, on your own dime, not taxpayers. Then you can spout your liberal hypocrisy with at least a semblance of credibility. These “kids” are not fleeing violence, or in danger of “trafficking”, they are seeking amnesty and the privileges of America, that neither they, nor their ancestors, built or maintained.

    • Arnold Fudpucker

      You Libtards keep trying to brush off the blame for what you have created with your give away commie society.

    • Mike

      Jack Smith, read a fucking history book. The Democratic Party is the one that wanted to keep salvery. Republicans abolished it.

      • Jimmy

        Sad that our government has to hide these CHILDREN because of the back lash that they might receive from the religious Conservative Republican Party. The same party who hides behind religious principles. When in fact Jesus would probably be ashamed of them and their actions. Jesus himself was discriminated against and killed for who he was. The Republican Party is digging themselves a hole and the sad thing is they can’t even see it. Consume, consume, take and take. Whatever happened to helping out your fellow man and helping the poor? I guess it’s fine to help those as long as they are white.

  • Elaphas

    Send them all to Fayettenam so the liberals there can pay for these foreign invaders. By the way, the word ILLEGAL is conveniently left out of the headline courtesy of 5 “News”

    • Jimmy

      They are not illegal. Bush signed a law saying that if any children from the bordering states of Mexico entered into the United States without partners were supposed to be protected and granted asylum. So before you go blaming the liberals for what your republican president did you might want to check your facts.

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