Hogs Take The Stage At Benton County Fair

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BENTON COUNTY (KFSM) -  Hogs took center stage in livestock competitions during the second day of the 110th Benton County Fair.

Competitors showed off their market pigs at the fair on Wednesday (Aug. 13). The Cloverbud Market Hog and Junior Market Hog shows were held at the small arena inside the Livestock Barn.

For brothers Treyton and Tyler Hudson, showing animals is a family affair. Their mother, Jessica Burchette, grew up showing pigs.

"My father was an agriculture teacher, so it's kind of in our blood," Burchette said. "It's a very educational opportunity for the kids. I mean, they learn responsibility. My boys take care of their pigs. They know how to feed them, walk them, water them, clip them and everything else that's involved with it."

Tyler, 10,  has been competing since he was four. And, it doesn't phase him that his pig outweighs him by almost 200 pounds.

"All they do is pretty much just knock you down or knock you on your butt," he said.

Tyler's pig, Redneck Juliet, weighs in at 250 pounds. That's about average size for showing. A good market hog can be 200 to 280 pounds, and little of that should be fat.

"The more muscle, the better chance we have winning a market hog show," Tyler Hudson said.

The intangibles matter too. Judges watch how the competitors present their animals.

"You pretend that there's nobody else there and it's just you and the judge," Tyler Hudson said. "You have to make eye contact or you're not going to win."

Although Tyler said his pig can at times be stubborn, he worked with her every day leading up to the fair.

"It's just like if you're going to the gym, you have to work hard or you won't get nothing," Tyler Hudson said.

Tyler and his little brother Treyton said showing pigs is a lot of  work, but also really fun.

"It's fun, because you get to win banners and trophies," Treyton Hudson said.

The Benton County Fair runs through Saturday.

Admission is $5 for those seven years old and older. Kids six and younger get in free.