Walmart Trying Out New Medical Clinics, Associates Pay $4 Per Visit

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BENTONVILLE (KFSM) – Walmart is trying out new medical clinics in a few of its stores located in southern states, and associates on a Walmart health plan can visit for just $4, according to a Walmart spokesperson.

They’re called Walmart Care Clinics, and they’re essentially primary health clinics located inside of Walmart stores. The clinics are in a pilot program offering primary care services for Walmart associates and customers, the spokesperson said.

With the creation of these clinics, Walmart is looking to create a “new price position for retail health services,” according to a spokesperson.

For most Walmart associates and their families who are enrolled in a Walmart health plan, the Walmart Care Clinic office visit will cost $4. Everyone else will pay $40 for a standard office visit, the spokesperson said.

The care clinics will also, for a separate charge, offer additional care services like vaccines and lab tests, according to the spokesperson.

Clinics will be staffed by licensed nurse practitioners and be operated by a company called QuadMed. The company will also employ the staff that will take care of customers, the spokesperson said.

Specific services offered by the clinics are:

  • Wellness and preventive care, such as health screenings, vaccinations and lab testing
  • Basic acute care, including diagnosis and treatment of illnesses, such as flu and strep
  • Management of certain chronic conditions, such as diabetes, asthma and high blood pressure; with referrals to specialists as needed

There are four clinics open in Texas and two in South Carolina. Approximately six more clinics are scheduled to open later in 2014, according to the spokesperson.