Clarksville Schools To Begin Second Year With Armed Faculty

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CLARKSVILLE (KFSM)- More than twenty teachers and faculty members will be armed this year as kids head back to school in the Clarksville School District. Teachers began carrying guns last year. Some armed guards and teachers carry guns which they said to protect students from an armed intruder.

"Every campus, we have protected with armed guards," said Superintendent David Hopkins. James Krohn teaches social studies at the Clarksville Junior High School. "It hasn't affected the way I teach and it hasn't affected the way I interact with my students, "said Krohn.

Clarksville teamed up with the Johnson County Sheriff's Office to teach the staff on how to carry handguns on school grounds. They went to fifty hours of training in Centerton and then thirty more hours in their own school buildings preparing for different scenarios. According to Krohn,"We all practice with our guns at our own time at least once a month and go out and shoot a certain number of rounds."

Krohn said everyone who was chosen has a weapons type background. "We have to deal with reality and we have to deal with economic issues," said Hopkins. "We have to deal with the reality of the dangers that exist in our public schools now."

Krohn said if an active shooter would come into the building he would run to the gunfire. "I would tell the teacher next door to watch my kids, and I'm going to draw my weapon and I'm going to the sound of the gunfire," said Krohn.

" We felt like the majority of the community outweighed any of those concerns that we had," according to Hopkins. " We tried to do it the best we could in a very responsible manner and we think we have been able to do that."

Students in Clarksville will head back to school Monday (Aug.18).





  • Sarah 300

    Peacefully I dissent.

    Children learn by example. Do we want a peaceful and calm school day or one of fear?

    • Get Real

      How peaceful and calm was the school day at Sandy Hook, Columbine, Virginia Tech, and the other school shootings that could have been prevented or mitigated had a responsible adult with a firearm been present? Gun laws only work for law abiding individuals, criminals by definition do not obey laws. If there is a firearm in the classroom I prefer it be in the possession of a teacher. A great example is also the responsible, safe handling of firearms. Peaceful dissent is part of the framework of our representative republic, as is the right to keep and bear arms. Clarksville is to be commended for recognizing a legitimate possibility of danger, and taking positive action in response.

  • Nothinsuprising

    I was under the impression that the public wouldn’t know which staff of carrying. A good majority of shootings are by ones that know the school. Why would CSD want to put an interview out like this? I feel Mr. Krohn’s name should have been left anonymous. But who am I besides a ya paying parent if the district???
    Hey channel 5 if you want to talk about Clarksville, let’s talk about the games on September 5th!!! Sure hope momma Sampley puts extra padding on her baby boy….

  • Renee Tillman

    I agree I don’t know if I would have published it in the local paper.. Parents. local officials should know. Don’t get me wrong don’t keep this big secret but don’t go out splashing it around the media either. I do agree its a good idea. Who is wearing does not need to be reveled, but if I had a child or grandchild going there I would feel better. So instead of talking about this, talk bout the other going on’s in the schools. The positives! Have a wonderful school year!!!!

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