Fayetteville Police Replace Vandalized Monument

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FAYETTEVILLE (KFSM) - Police in Fayetteville have replaced a monument to fallen officers that was destroyed by vandals last year.

“We remember the sacrifices that these officers made from long ago,” said Sgt. Craig Stout with the Fayetteville Police Department.

The new monument replaces one that was broken into several pieces in 2013. It was damaged beyond repair.

“The first one, back on Oct. 2, was vandalized,” Stout said. “We all had a lot of mixed emotions the day that was vandalized.”

Locals who spoke to 5NEWS said vandalizing a memorial is disrespectful to the people of Fayetteville.

“Somebody who vandalizes something so important just kind of frustrates me,” said Patrick Ward, a local man. “I think that is really low and disrespectful. Not only are you disrespecting the town; you are disrespecting somebody who put their life on the line to protect them.”

Police said the memorial was made with materials imported from India, and was specially engraved.

“In law enforcement, we have a long memory,” Stout said. “Just to have that testament to their courage, sacrifice, and bravery.”

Some said they agree that a monument is the least the city can do to honor the fallen.

“I think that, if they had the courage to put their life on the line, then it is the least we can do to show some respect while they are gone,” Ward said.

Police said this monument helps current officers remember those who came before them, and that their dedication to the city will always be remembered.

“Knowing that, if we are called upon to make that ultimate sacrifice, that sacrifice won`t be forgotten,” Stout said.

The city estimated last year that repairing the memorial could cost $3,700.

Right now, there are three names on the monument.


  • Ted

    It’s interesting to see this story juxtaposed with the Fayetteville cop getting 5 years probation for sexual assault. Maybe there needs to be another monument to victims of Fayetteville police abusing their power. Going out on a limb here and guessing it’s going to have a lot more than 3 names.

  • John

    can we get a monument for the Fayetteville officers who had to be relieved of duty due to the crimes they committted, and those unknown officers who should’ve been but continue to police us?

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