Fire in Arkoma, Crews Responding to Scene

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ARKOMA (KFSM) – Crews extinguished a house fire that happened early Friday morning (August 15th), according to the Arkoma Fire Chief.

When fire officials arrived at the house, located between Gillette and Leflore Avenue, it was engulfed with flames. No one was inside at the time and it was a total loss, according to the Arkoma Fire Chief.

5NEWS will continue following the story as it develops.


  • Steven G.

    That place looked like a sorority house for some trailer park rednecks. Was junked up not even sure it had power. Wonder what caused the fire.

  • candice2121

    Y’all r some dumbass u must live in b trailer trash to some people that’s all they can afford but of course it takes trashy ads people like u 2 that talks shit I know the person that lived there an 85 percent of A-town houses r trashy including yalls so shut it LMFAO

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