Girl Hit In Head By Piece Of Ride At Benton County Fair

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BENTON COUNTY (KFSM) – A local girl was injured Wednesday after part of a ride at the Benton County Fair swung loose and struck her in the head, according to fair organizers.

A statement released by the Benton County Fair Association states a pin came loose from the Stampede amusement ride, allowing a light bar to swing down and strike a girl in the head. She was treated by emergency crews and given staples in her head, which was bleeding down her body, according to a Facebook page.

State inspectors and an assistant fire marshal examined the ride after the incident and again Friday. After the ride was deemed safe, it was put back into operation Friday, fair officials said.

A representative with the fair said she has been in contact with the girl’s mother, and the girl was resting.

The Stampede ride was placed into operation in March 2014. State inspectors examined the ride before it was first operated, according to the fair association.

“This incident, as any incident, wherein someone gets injured was taken very seriously,” the fair association’s statement states. “Pride Amusements reports they have never had an incident like this…this is a very unfortunate accident, and we are taking all precautions to keep the fair a fun, safe family environment.



    Are these news stories ever edited prior to release? “and given staples in her head, which was bleeding down her body”,

  • Anna Marie Garcia

    “Taken seriously” they say. When I asked the man running the ride if someone got hurt he laughed as he said yes and as we walked away. That’s not taking anything serious that is taking something very lightly and being very disrespectful.

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