Man Shot In Booneville Speaks Out

BOONEVILLE (KFSM)–Authorities continue to investigate a shooting that happened on 342 Sharpe Ave. Saturday (Aug. 16).

Police say the matter is still under investigation. 5NEWS caught up with the man who was shot and is currently at home recovering.

40-year-old Thomas Johnson said he was at home playing pool and drinking with five friends when heard a knock on his door. Johnson said when he opened the door, three men began to attack him. After one man punched him in the face, he says he didn’t hesitate to fight back and defend himself. He said another man pulled a knife on him, so Johnson decided to hit him with a chair. He says when he looked up, the third man was pointing a gun at him and shot him. The bullet grazed his arm. He said he didn’t go to the hospital.

“He just shot me,” Johnson said. “He was aiming right at my chest when I hit a dude with a chair. That chair there, I broke it, and I guess when I was coming back up he was aiming at my chest and it shot, and it should have hit me, but it went kind of through me and hit the wall behind me.”

A 27-year-old female acquaintance of Johnson’s told him she went to school with the three attackers. Johnson tells us they drove away in a white car.

Booneville Police have not yet confirmed whether any arrests have been made. They say they responded to the incident around 7 p.m. and were on scene for at least three hours.

Stay with 5NEWS as this story develops.


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