Huge Senior Class Leads Fayetteville

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FAYETTEVILLE (KFSM)-The Fayetteville Bulldogs won their first eight games last year only to lose their next three including the first round of the playoffs. That's just added fuel to their fire.

"Right after last year we got into the weight room and we got on the field and we got to work," senior defensive end Demani Carter said. "We just didn't like that bitter taste we had in our mouth."
"It was frustrating but it was looming in our minds all off season and I'm telling you it made us push," senior linebacker Ridley Weeks said. "We have had an excellent off season and I'm telling you we are just ready to get back on the field."

The number one question facing Fayetteville this season is who will be the starting quarterback. Right now it's a neck and neck battle between Jack Lindsey and Taylor Powell but their teammates have faith in both.

"It's exciting because we get to see what they both can do and I'm confident either one is going to be able to lead us and help us win," senior right tackle Jackson McNeal said.

"Both have tremendous leadership qualities for how young they are," Carter said. "They've been leading the team, they've been making the throws and they've been progressing really well over the summer. I'm very happy with both of their progress."
Some strengths for the Bulldogs this year is their offensive line and their secondary. They also have a huge senior class, 46 to be exact.
"We have that tight-nit relationship where we can push each other. There's a competition atmosphere but we are all still super close," Carter said. "I feel like that brotherhood has really made us stronger this year."

Fayetteville also knows their biggest competition will be the Bentonville Tigers. They each have two state title trophies in the past four years.

"We know when we got the schedule that's who's coming up and we prepare for that, that pushes us," McNeal said. "Bentonville week practice is intense, everyone is keyed in and focused. It just makes us better as a team so it's awesome to play a good program like that."


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