Back-To-School Fashion Show – High School/College Students

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When heading back to school, it’s important to stay up-to-date with fashion trends. That’s why 5NEWS held a back-to-school fashion show in the Northwest Arkansas Mall, right outside the 5NEWS studio.

“For the girls, definitely skinny jeans. You're going to see that across the board,” Brian Sellers said in reference to fashion trends for high school and college students.

Sellers, manager of the Buckle in Northwest Arkansas, is what some might consider a fashion expert.

“For girls, boots are really popular. You'll see more of the ankle boot you saw last year. The knee-high boots will be popular as well,” he said. “For accessories, of course the blingy bracelets and blingy necklaces. You'll see a lot of those too.”

Sellers said the layered look is popular for girls, with something lacy or a graphic tee shirt as the focal point, covered by a loose cardigan. He said the layered look will also work for guys.

“Big plaid prints are definitely going to be popular and then solid undershirts,” Sellers said.

When it comes to footwear, the chukka boot and wingtip shoes are trendy. Plus, don’t forget to grab some crazy socks.

“The loud socks are pretty hot for the guys,” Sellers said. “It’s your little bit of fun in disguise.”

Sellers says guys can wear the skinny jeans, but only if they use good fashion sense to coordinate the rest of the outfit with the pants. The best bet for high school and college guys is the straight leg jean, and don’t hesitate to cuff it at the bottom.

For places where hats are allowed, Sellers said the fedora is popular for girls, and the guys just need a flat bill cap.

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