Rogers Police: We Are Confident There Was No Abduction

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ROGERS (KFSM) – The Rogers Police Department initiated a search on Tuesday evening (Aug. 19) for a supposed abduction victim, but after investigating, it was found that there was no abduction, authorities say.

Rogers police began investigating the case after a caller told authorities they saw an approximately 13-year-old girl with her arm hanging out of a car window yelling, “Help me!” near Chateau Drive and 28th Street, according to a statement released by Rogers police.

During the investigation, detectives identified three girls who were students that got off the bus in the area wearing clothing similar to that described by the witness. They began working on the theory that if there was a victim, it was not likely to be a student from that bus, according to a post on the Rogers Facebook page.

Around 9 p.m., officers found a smashed smartphone in the area of the suspected abduction. Detectives got the owner’s information off the phone, and they went to the residence. There, they found a vehicle that matched the description of the one the witness reported seeing during the supposed abduction, the post states.

The detective talked to the couple living there, and they said they had gotten in an argument. During the argument, the man grabbed the woman’s phone and threw it out the window. They then drove away at a high speed, striking the curb in the process. Then, they went home, according to the post.

It was determined that eye witnesses saw the erratic driving, saw one of the girls walking by from the bus and possibly got the description of the woman in the car mixed up with the student walking by, the post states.

The Rogers Police Department labeled the incident as a “very strange set of circumstances.”

They also wrote on their Facebook page, “We are confident that there was no abduction.”