$900 Million Oil Pipeline Planned To Run Across Arkansas

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ARKANSAS (KFSM) – A company known as Plains All American Pipeline L.P. announced a new oil pipeline that will run across Arkansas, according to a post on their website.

The $900 million pipeline is called the Plains Diamond Pipeline, and it will carry oil from Cushing, Okla. to Mephis, Tenn., the post states.

The pipeline will run approximately 440 miles and will be 20 inches thick. When complete, it will be capable of transporting 200,000 barrels of crude oil per day, according to the post.

The map provided by Plains All American Pipeline L.P. shows the pipeline running south of Fort Smith but north of Little Rock.

Economically, the pipeline will produce 1,500 contract construction positions across Oklahoma and Arkansas. When the pipeline is complete, 15 permanent jobs will be completed at locations along the pipeline, the post states.

A total of $11 million in property tax revenue will be collected every year to support communities along the pipeline route, according to the post.

Construction on the pipeline is scheduled to start in late 2015, and it is scheduled to be completed in late 2016, the post states.


  • Sarah 300

    Did any Arkansas officials agree to a pipe line? What guarantees safety for our waterway, wildlife and environment? If they want to go to Oklahoma, run the pipeline up through Missouri. They like that sort of environmental problem. We don’t. NO.
    If anyone reading this thinks this will save our residents petroleum expense, you have another think coming.
    Fifteen jobs for the risk? And what is oil doing in Cushing OK? There isn’t a refinery?

    • Leten Uno

      Sarah, you are obviously uninformed. This pipeline has passed the environmental application. There are thousands upon thousands of pipelines. you hear about the ones that break. Yet for everyone of those there are 100,000 that don’t. Cushing is ground zero for much of the US oil. The price of West Texas intermediate is set there. It’s one of the largest oil trading hubs in the US if not world. It’s nickname is “Pipeline Crossroads of the World”. Massive tank farm buffer the oil as it flows into and out of Cushing.
      There are pipelines all over the state, country and world. The debated ‘Keystone Pipeline Expansion’ already runs into Cushing. There is a proposal to replace the older northern section which run into Alberta Canada with a new section, which again would terminate in CUSHING, OKLAHOMA

    • Pipeliner by trade

      Well let’s see Cushing OK is the pipeline crossroads of the world. And besides a pipeline is the safest form of transportation for crude, natural gas and just about anything else that flows through them besides that there are literally tens of thousand Arkansans that build pipelines for a living.

    • pipeliner..

      Thank you Pipe liners….it will employ thousands of people during the stretch too.maybe 15 permanently.but Arkansas is the Poorest state in the union.y’all need it..I worked on a lot of the stretch to Cushing.no Problems Anywhere along the way…The pipeline Family will spend money buying and living in Towns all the way…why must you try to be Negative.when Work and prospering for your State is A Great Thing..thanx P.R.

    • pipeliner..

      Sorry Sarah…you must not no help when you see it..I helped put some of the lines to Cushing…its been Great.no Saftey Problems..I belive Arkansas is the Poorest State in the Union. A pipeline going thru would Employe Hundreds if not thousands of pipe liners. To lay it. Also Spending their $$ to live and purshase from Arkansas stores ,et c. Along the way. I believe this is a Blessing for y’all not a Bad thing. There are Many After Rules We Live and Work by For Everybody and Our Land..we have gone thru Small Towns and The Economy Skyrockets for All Involved. Research it. think you will be Pleasantly Surprised. I hope to continue to be a part of our Pipeline Family that Lays the Line There. thanx.PipelineGirl

    • oilfielddude111

      Well for one there has been hundreds upon thousands of gas pipelines put in Arkansas. Sheehan put in a 36in pipeline then came back throught and put in a 42in for all the natural gas that has been drilled and produced here. I live in central Arkansas and love the work in the patch. It creates opportunities for people to have better living and judgment on how to live. There are several wells around that make a crude oil and once bhp comes back there going to drill deeper for the oil and so will xto and swn. And the epa has set some very high guide lines for Arkansas for this type of work so stop with the negative comments that you have no idea in.

  • Withabrain

    Would you rather this or have a train blow up and derail in you backyard? Pipelines are by far the safest form of transport for fossil fuels. Don’t be naive in believing that oil will stop flowing because you hug a tree in the pipelines route. Do some freaking research!

  • Arnold Fudpucker

    The sky is falling…… the sky is falling…..
    What type of fuel does you car run on? Do you use electricity? Do you have a wood burning stove? Oh no that would be polluting.

  • Rhonda

    Thank God for this, because it gives jobs and jobs aren’t easy to come by in Arkansas and Oklahoma. It will help the economy and more money for the states.

  • Sarah 300


    The above link is one year AFTER the spill. It happens.
    Did you know there have been no regulations of pipelines since 1903? More than a century ago. The pipeline companies are allowed to take a swath of land up to 150 yards on both sides of the pipeline. They can condemn your property if they choose. They are allowed to build next to schools, hospitals, nursing homes, your neighborhood.
    In one particular instance fires burned out of control in California next to a nursing home.
    All this for 15 jobs? People the risk is high to our water resources but what about our children and their safety?
    Wake up and use safe wind and solar energy.

    • Pipeliner by trade

      Not true if you want to see the rules and regulations for a pipeline you will have to look up the DOT laws. But be warned there are way more than you will want to read trust me I know cause I’ve read an do understand everyone. I also abide by them each and every day that I work building and testing them.

    • pipeliner..

      Sarah…I bet there are many lines really close to you now..they are Everywhere Underground…you may live on top of one.. I have 3 running thru my yard. I never worry about them..the Spill was a horrific accident.but Planes also Fall in the Ocean aAnd On Houses.the Govt.just Don’t Make a big Deal out of It.. ..

  • Erik Danielson

    If anyone is approached with a pipeline right-of-way proposal we would be happy to answer any questions that you may have. Danielson Law Firm (479)-935-8313

  • Lisa Carson

    Before you comment, research then Just ask the community of Mayflower, Arkansas. Or any city or town that have lost everything because of one of the ones that broke….It can destroy homes, water, land, health, & lives, Go to their page. Read the fight Ar.’s Attorney General had to wage against the Oil company just to make the accountable. This community has not been paid, are sick, & just because they pass through your state……..They don’t play by your rules or fair …….just sayin….

    • Toby Skousgaard Pedersen

      Solar and wind systems take up ridiculous amounts of space, are unsightly (aka ugly) and kill hordes of birds every year (somehow the tree huggers conveniently “forget” that.)
      Yes, the Mayflower, AR oil spill was ugly for one small community. What the tree huggers conveniently ignore is that there are millions of miles of oil and gas pipelines crisscrossing this nation, serving our communities, doing nothing but transport liquid or gaseous gold day in and day out.
      Oh but the BP oil spill in the Gulf… all those poor birds!!! Yeah. Millions of gallons of crude into the ocean. Hundreds of birds hurt. Lots of fodder for sensationalist journalists and environmentalists. Nature has absorbed the impact. God didn’t make no junk.
      Exxon Valdez… man messed up. But it looks ugly as long as it goes on. The same applies, the impact is short-lived, nature absorbs the impact.
      People try to make “fossil” fuels the big Satan, while fact is, without it, we come to a screeching halt. If we don’t start taking advantage of the enormous stores of oil and gas available to us, the Middle East can bring USA to her knees by shutting down the supply. Guess that doesn’t bother the environmentalists. And by the way, at any given time there are billions of gallons of crude oil sailing the seas. We need that crude. If that stops, we’re toast. A pipeline is vastly safer than those ships are. The pipeline burns no fuel getting the oil to the refineries. After the pipeline is installed, it requires minimal amounts of maintenance. It just quietly sends the oil to the refinery. Oh yes, the oil companies get richer by the hour. Get over it. It’s called a free, competitive market. And oil companies provide hundreds of thousands of well paying jobs, keeping families and communities alive.

    • pipeliner..

      Sarah…I bet there are many lines really close to you now..they are Everywhere Underground…you may live on top of one.. I have 3 running thru my yard. I never worry about them..the Spill was a horrific accident.but Planes also Fall in the Ocean aAnd On Houses.the Govt.just Don’t Make a big Deal out of It.. ..also I see your post on Earthquakes. The pipeline only digs a ditch and bell hole no more than 10 **20 ft deep..nothing like Fracking or saltwater disposal..there is No Way a Ditch or Setting A Valve can Cause an Earthquake that I’ve saw…sorry can’t blame it on a pipeline…and Doesn’t Arlansas have a Natural Fault Line anyway..

  • Lucy

    Sarah, did you suddenly come up with a way to run a car on anything but gas? Until you do, gas and oil it is. And even if we did come up with a viable solar solution, how in the heck do you supposeplastic will be made and how will you lubricate anything? When people scream about doing away with oil they don’t think about all the other applications of it.

  • Sarah 300

    Lisa, John, and Charles: thank you for your support.
    No one seems to have a problem with fighting off AEP in Carroll County for the massive swath of land the utility wants to take.
    It is no where near the HUGE dissection of the state of Arkansas this oil pipeline will consume. (All of Arkansas -15 jobs)
    THIS IS OUR STATE NOT BIG BUSINESS INTERNATIONAL. Once you give away the states land and natural resources, guess what, even God will not make new land. We are required as good citizens and tax payers to take care of our state.
    I wonder who owns the pipeline? The Koch Brothers?

    • pipeliner..

      We ran 58 miles right beside 2 older pipelines from Mathis Tx Thru Odom Tx Right Thru the Middle of Fields of Big Wind turbines”,Windmills”.Powersource. whatever.guess it wasn’t enough…because even tho it was 100,s of them we ran the line to Chorpis Christi for them..so Double the $$ was spent even after the windmills were up ????? Hummmmm…

  • Kevin

    Solar Panels require a special sand to make them. Guess where this sand comes from….you guessed it the middle east….another tid bit of info….it takes 30 years for solar panels to give a return on investment and they only last 20 years….yes they wear out. This is all taught at ATU…yes Sarah they are ultra libs that teach there.

  • Kevin

    I bet all you liberals have a/c, car, and all that nasty pollution devices and energy suckers but yet you call for a cleaner environment…. funny if you ask me…

    • Sarah 300

      Yeah Kevin, liberals have air-conditioning. So sad that conservatives care more about the landscape of their country rather than cooling their massive cars and homes.

  • A. Wade

    Friends, this pipeline is not a good thing. Where does that pipe line end? At the Mississippi River. Are there new refineries there that will be able to handle the extra amount of crude? No! There are not. All existing refineries in this nation are overloaded to maximum capacity with high demand, and the Federal Government has not given new permits for building new refineries in a very long time! I don’t remember exactly how long, but it is has been more than a few decades. So what is the point of this pipe line (as well as the KeyStone pipeline)? It is to be able to get American oil to the gulf so it can be loaded onto tankers and shipped to other parts of the world. Mainly China. This pipe line is going to do very little to help out Americans and our economy. This is not a good thing for any ordinary American except for the handful who will be employed to build and maintain the pipeline. If we are going to celebrate building new pipelines, we need to also insist that the Federal Government approve building new refineries so that the load of new produced fuel can actually get to the American public to help lower the cost of energy and help get our economy get back on track. As it stands now, this is going to do very little if anything to help out our nation.

    • Sarah 300

      This pipeline oil is not for the USA. Although it is our great national resources which will be disturbed.
      Last evening I did extensive research on Cushing OK and they do maintain expansive stores of oil as well as being the receiving point for the Alaskan Pipeline. With the current seismic activity in that section of Oklahoma this is highly dangerous. In that area they have counted over a thousand earthquakes (fracking) and yesterday they had two large 4.0 earthquakes.
      People you are risking too much and for what???
      Fifteen full time jobs???
      This oil will never be for you, never reduce the cost of your petrol, but will be visible from the space station (exaggeration maybe?).
      What does your home state mean to you and how much money greased palms because it was never publicized until it was a done deal. Horse feathers!

      • pipeliner..

        Sarah…I bet there are many lines really close to you now..they are Everywhere Underground…you may live on top of one.. I have 3 running thru my yard. I never worry about them..the Spill was a horrific accident.but Planes also Fall in the Ocean aAnd On Houses.the Govt.just Don’t Make a big Deal out of It.. ..also I see your post on Earthquakes. The pipeline only digs a ditch and bell hole no more than 10 **20 ft deep..nothing like Fracking or saltwater disposal..there is No Way a Ditch or Setting A Valve can Cause an Earthquake that I’ve saw…sorry can’t blame it on a pipeline…and Doesn’t Arlansas have a Natural Fault Line anyway..

  • Monica

    My husband and my self have worked in south Texas all the way to New Mexico for the past 3 1/2 years be purse there is no work for us at ho. In Oklahoma or Arkansas ! WE ARE PIPELINERS and to be able to work close to home and see our family’s more then once every 3- to 6 months would be a great gift from God himself, as far as the environment people who do not do this type of work or knows some one that does doesn’t have a clue as to all the extra hard work we go through to keep the environment safe . Alo plain ordinary workers see a rabbit in a ditch they carefully get it and I can’t count all TNE frogs and lizards and quail we have stead every thing to help get them to safety . As long as it’s not all union and we can work I say PRAISE THE POWERS THAT BE FOR THE JOBS AND INCOME TO ALL OF US, and the ones trying so hard to feed family’s on min pay !!!

    • Sarah 300

      Texas and Oklahoma do not care about their citizens. Arkansas does!
      We have a beautiful lush land that should not be plowed up for pipeline to cross our state.

      • Paul

        “Texas and Oklahoma do not care about their citizens.” With that statement, everything even remotely lucid in your comments is invalidated. How ignorant!

    • pipeliner..

      When a pipeline is laid. You can’t even tell the ground has been disturbed..its a very clean beautiful process.Sarah you need to watch a pipeline in action.all of you Negative . Don’t No Anything .Or What your Talking About People..No Your Facts…..

  • This stinks

    Arkansas residents, don’t let them do this. You will regret it later. 15 permanent jobs, to ruin the land forever. Risk vs reward is substantial

  • This stinks

    Horrible idea cutting a pipeline through raw land. If anything run it alongside major Highway alongside little rock 40 so it can be seen going up and easily maintained

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