Bentonville Police Warn Of “Jury Duty” Scam

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BENTONVILLE (KFSM) – The Bentonville Police Department issued a warning about a jury duty phone scam on Thursday morning (Aug. 21), according to a news release.

On Aug. 20, the Bentonville Police Department received three reports concerning a phone scam. The caller claimed to be Lt. Mark Davis from the Benton County Warrants Division calling from the number 479-295-2542, the release states.

The caller tells victims that they missed jury duty, and he will issue a warrant for their arrest unless they send him money on a prepaid card, according to the release.

The phone call is a scam trying to steal money, the release states. The Bentonville Police Department Criminal Investigation Division is investigating the scam. If anyone has fallen victim to the con, they are encouraged to call the Bentonville Police Department at 479-271-3170.

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  • Lisa

    That’s the same scam I read from According to the post, the scammer poses as deputy sheriff or a police officer and ask the victim to pay a fine or risk having a warrant issued for the victim’s arrest for failing to appear for jury duty. The scammer usually asks for the fine to be paid through money transfer service or prepaid debit cards. But everyone is advised that it is a bluff and anyone who gets a call should hang up and report it to the proper authorities.

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