Rabies-Infected Bat Found In Leflore County

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LEFLORE COUNTY (KFSM)- A Leflore County man said he was scratched by a bat this week.

A veterinarian confirms the bat had rabies.

Paul Langwell said he met a bat face-to-face in his Cameron, Oklahoma backyard Monday (Aug. 21).

“It just kept hitting me,” Langwell said. “I kept trying to knock it off and I finally got a hold of him and threw him down. It scratched me trying to hang on to me.”

Langwell said he was able to get the bat off him. He went inside and grabbed a jar to trap it.

“When I put him in the jar I saw a little foam on its mouth,” Langwell said.

Langwell said he then took the bat to the Leflore County Veterinary Clinic where the testing began.

Dr. Randolph Stokes said they euthanized the bat and sent it to the state lab which confirmed a positive test for rabies.

5NEWS asked if Stokes sees a lot of similar cases and should people in Leflore County be concerned.

“Nope, it`s unusual,” Stokes said.

Although it’s unusual, Stokes said prevention is key.

“Do not expose yourself to the animal in the first place,” Stokes said.

Stokes encourages people to get educated about rabies.

“You won`t get it on your skin but if you get it in your eyes or face if you inhale it if you go into caves you can inhale it from the air,” Stokes said.

Stokes said rabies can be deadly but there are vaccinations to fight it. Langwell said he does not have a confirmed case of rabies, but will get vaccinated anyway.