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The Tooth Fairy is tightening the purse strings. August 22nd marks “National Tooth Fairy Day.” A survey by Vis shows the Tooth Fairy’s 2014 rate for a child’s lost tooth is down 8% to $3.40 a tooth. In 2013 she left $3.70. For a full set of 20 baby teeth, that would equate to a $68, down from $74 last year.

Despite the reduction in payout, the numbers are still up 31 percent from the  $2.60  the Tooth Fairy left under pillows in 2011.

Click here for the full 2014 Tooth Fairy Study.


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  • Stephanie C

    My daughter lost her tooth and this was the conversation we had. Maybe the tooth fairy can benefit from it. :)
    Daughter: Mom the tooth fairy didn’t come again.
    Mom: I’m sorry maybe she is running behind
    Daughter: I wonder what she dose with all those teeth. I bet she sells them on eBay, how else would she have money to give everyone.
    Mom: laughter……

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