Benton County Judge Cited On Suspicion Of Public Intoxication

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BENTON COUNTY (KFSM) – Benton County Judge Bob Clinard was cited Friday (Aug. 22) on suspicion of public intoxication, officials said Saturday (Aug. 23).

Benton County Sheriff Kelley Cradduck said the incident happened around 7:30 p.m. on Friday at the Frisco Festival in Rogers. He said two deputies were alerted by citizens at the festival of a male who was “very drunk and falling down.”

Deputies found Clinard leaning against a car, trying to use his cellphone, Cradduck said. Clinard was pressing buttons on his phone and saying the numbers out loud, the sheriff said. The judge told deputies he was trying to call his wife for a ride but could not get a hold of her, according to Cradduck.

The deputies said the judge had a very strong odor of alcohol on his breath. Cradduck added that Clinard had cuts on both of his knees and elbows, and one of his shoes was broken.

The deputies escorted Clinard toward their vehicles. During the walk, the judge appeared to be in a highly intoxicated state, Cradduck said. He was unsteady on his feet and nearly fell several times, the sheriff said.

At one point the judge told the deputies he may need medical attention, so the deputies called for an ambulance, Cradduck said. While waiting for the ambulance, Clinard said to one of the deputies, “My wife is going to kill me,” Cradduck said.

When paramedics arrived, they told the deputies Clinard’s heart rate was elevated and felt he needed to be transported, Cradduck said. The judge was taken by ambulance to a local hospital.

Deputies later located Clinard’s county-owned vehicle. The vehicle was unlocked and was taken to the sheriff’s office for safe-keeping, Cradduck said.

Clinard is scheduled to appear in Rogers District Court on Oct. 7 at 9 a.m., records show.


  • Sarah 300

    Let’s sweep this one under the carpet. People are under a lot of tension of late. Just don’t do it again Judge. Call me, I will drive you around.

      • Joe Delaney

        He’s held to a higher standard Fedup. I hope the man gets help if he needs it but the county deserves better.

    • DWC

      Bring back the honorable and ethically correct Dave Bisbee????. Said what tickled everyone’s ears, yet “possibly” use his own company to complete County projects. Was DB wrong? Probably! Yet, “NO ONE IS RIGHTEOUS , NO, NOT EVEN ONE”. People make mistakes – it started in the Garden of Eden when Adam and Eve ate the apple. We have all sinned……so I guess it’s time for all of us to resign!!

      I don’t much care at all for all of judge Clinard’s leadership, yet I respect people that serve while others sit and play arm chair quarterbacks. I certainly didn’t embrace J Bisbee’s “leadership”, and for that matter Judge Black’s. However, HE, Judge Clinard is the only leader in this position that Benton County has had in 10 years. If your employee saw what you do in “secret: perhaps your employer will say to you as well……”time to resign”. I thank God that HIS mercies are new every morning.

      He made a mistake and should make amends. You would want the same grace.

  • Mark Smith

    What in depth reporting Channel 5! So obvious that local law enforcement and Community leaders have the news under their thumb. For God’s sake,the press is the 4th branch of government; a check and balance if you will. Do your job please!

    • Curt Lanning

      Thanks for your comment, Mark Smith!

      We always love to hear from viewers, and we agree. We did a good job reporting this story. No one has us under their thumb, and we showed that by reporting exactly what officials said.

      Thanks for supporting us as we do our job and report the news.

      Have a wonderful day!

      • FEDUP

        Sorry, Curt, KNWA reporting made you look like what you are — inept at reporting. And, yes, I am aware that my comment will be deleted.

      • Sarah 300

        You are doing a good job Curt. Keep up the good reporting. The hot weather is getting to everyone so they complain. Kudos!

      • Elaphas

        Yeah, you’re doing brilliant work as leftists with an agenda. And it’s not the hot weather, Sarah. More like hot air from you and the other sheep on here spewing all your reactions to the liberal propaganda.

      • Sarah 300

        Sad for you Elephant. You have nothing, just hate and derogatory language for me. I remember once a child passed and you said a really nice sentence and that is how I know there is niceness down in there somewhere. Be happy. So many people waste their lives with hate. Be joyous for every day you are alive!

      • Nicolas Edwards

        Curt, I know that 5 news is going to look into any other public intox related arrest during Frisco festival and other events. I know 5 news is going to give a comparison of the treatment of Clinard and that of other every day average people who were in this same situation. I am sure 5 news could do some actual reporting instead of parroting only one line. How many times have any other citizens had their vehicle towed to the sheriffs office for “safe keeping”. The vehicle should of been towed and Clinard should have to foot the bill. Average citizens, that are making less than this lazy man, would of had to take a financial hit.

        I also take issue with the claim that he was calling for a ride. Arkansas law states that if you are in possession of the keys while intoxicated then you can/should get a dui.

      • Curt Lanning

        Fedup, feel free to realize that your comment is still there. We don’t delete comments just because they attack 5NEWS.

        Elephas, you’ll find no “left-wing agenda” here. Just news. . . 5NEWS to be exact.

        Nicholas, we simply have to report the facts. We weren’t there when they took him to the hospital. We reported what the documents said, nothing more, nothing less. If you take issue with any part of the investigation, that’s going to have to be voiced to the authorities that made the report. We didn’t write the report. We just reported what it said.

    • Ted

      Clinard is an elected public official with a budget of millions of taxpayer dollars. This very public though very slight infraction is important for voters of the county to know. This isn’t a former Razorback football player most of us haven’t thought of for 6 years getting a DWI. This is a man who is in the media daily and whose decisions affect nearly all county residents.

      Hopefully this event is just an outlier as Clinard has shown himself to be competent as county judge. As you may know we here in Benton County have had a terrible time electing public officials that are good at their job and not outright criminals. Our former coroner was stealing from dead people to support her drug addiction, our former sheriff couldn’t stay on the right side of Bentonville PD, and of course our former county judge admitted he couldn’t even read the contracts he was signing. All we need here is an apology and we should be good to go.

    • FEDUP

      Let’s see, now where did I read this?: judge not lest ye be judged. We don’t even know the whole story behind the arrest.
      Army Sergeant

      • Navy chief

        I never said he was guilty of anything, but if it is any elected public official I am saying hold them to a higher standard. They would hold us to a higher standard as military members of this country.

  • How _Embarrassing

    KNWA has the police report in their article concerning this. How embarrassing for the citizens of Benton Co! As a voter I call for immediate resignation of this Official, period.

  • DWC

    I hate to be the wet blanket, yet, a public official needs as much grace as any citizen. I do not work for the County. In fact, my job requires that I lean on the County to pay their own way. Nonetheless, this is sad for the County, yet “he who w/o sin cast the first stone”. In my years of “working” with the County, this Judge has dealt with County issues better than any other. In that, he does more to do his job than keep it. And remember, one day all of us will stand before the ultimate Judge and give account. “We have all sinned and fallen short of the glory of God”. Therefore, if the calling is for the judge Clinards resignation is a requirement for sin, then eveyone with job should go in on Monday and resign.

  • Concerned taxpayer

    It is about time he was caught drinking because anyone who works for the county knows he does it every day all day long at work. Some day he will get in an accident with the county vehicle and then see what happens. The Quoram court are all aware of his drinking and don’t seem to do anything about it which is quite strange to many of us taxpayers. When will his shirt comings become public and his credit ruined like he has done to others?

    • DWC

      I’m not aware of the “shirts” he has wore that affected the County and need to become public. Judge Clinard’s shirts has no relevance to the topic. Please give an example of the credit that he has “ruined for others”. Your comment read like a former County employee or friend of one that has an axe to grind. One last thought, PLEASE provide the state statute that hold the Quorum Court members responsible for the County Judge’s actions. I missed the law where the QC could address a publicly elected official.

  • Jessica

    He was not DRIVING. Why are they trying to charge him for DWI?…anyone can get drunk, at a party. We are humans.

  • Amazed

    He gets no pass from me after viewing the footage on all three networks reporting local news. If he had this much to drink he should have kept his “A” home like everyone with any common sense would have done.

  • Mark Smith

    Did anyone see him on the news (not sure which channel) claiming that he was in the hospital until at least Monday having tests done? What an obvious scam trying to get out of the charge that his lawyer or “friends” suggested. What a fraud. From the story – he smelled like alcohol! Why wasn’t he given a breathalyzer test? What were the results? C’mon Curt from Channel 5 news. Backup your claims and do some real investigative reporting!!!

  • atc8824

    While I agree he should be fined just like a citizen I do not feel he should lose his job over PI most companies wouldn’t fire you unless you were on the job or missed work because of PI.

  • Matt

    They need to treat him the same way any of us would be treated. I was arrested once for public intoxication. I spent the night in jail and had to pay court cost, 6 months probation and community service. So should he. A large number of people think that since they enforce the law they are above it which is wrong and one reason our country is in the shape it’s in. Also he should be charged with a DWI because he was trying to get in his car, which is funded by the taxpayers I might add. In my alcohol awareness class that I had to attend also they said if you are drunk and by your car, passed out in your car, sitting outside your car with your keys you can be charge with DWI. There were people in the class that were arrested for that same reason. Did he? No. All I’m saying is they need to hold EVERYONE accountable for their mistakes.

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