Bentonville Not Looking Back As New Season Starts

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BENTONVILLE (KFSM) - They might own the 7A West with seven consecutive titles and playing in five of the last six state championship games, but the Bentonville Tigers say the past is in the past.

"Every year is different," Bentonville coach Barry Lunney said. "We can't live off last year's success, what the team did last year or the year before.  This is a new year, and nobody is going to remember, you know, this year what you did last year. They're going to look at this year, and that's what really counts."

The Tigers know even though they come into the season on top, they're going to have challenges.

"Just not to beat ourselves," senior running back Dylan Smith said. "You know we won state last year. We can't get a big head about it, gotta move on. New year, new people playing against us. Always having a target on our back. Just got to persevere through all of that and be a team."

"We always have a target on our back," senior safety Cody Scroggins said. "You know, like I said our conference is not easy. So, as you dominate throughout the years, you always have a target on your back."

This team has always been filled with exceptional talent, and that hasn't changed. Already several players have been offered college spots.

"We've just got a good collection of football players. Some that will play college. Some that this is it. This is a good high school football player, and this is their last time, Their last go around. You know really, that's what makes the chemistry of your team. Just different levels of ability, different young men. But, we're blessed to have some good football players. There's no doubt," Lunney said.

One thing is certain, the Tigers are ready to take the field.


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