Woman In DWI Death Arrested For Third Time This Summer

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FAYETTEVILLE (KFSM) – The Fayetteville woman previously convicted in a DWI death was arrested Sunday for the third time this summer on suspicion of driving while intoxicated, according to the Fayetteville Police Department.

Jo Jackson, 53, was arrested Sunday afternoon on suspicion of several misdemeanor charges, including DWI, reckless driving, expired vehicle licensing and driving on a suspended license. A preliminary arrest report states she had a .21 blood-alcohol level at the time of her arrest.

Her arraignment is set for Sept. 22, according to the report.

Police on Sunday responded near College Avenue and Cleburn Street in reference to a vehicle that was swerving and stopping in the middle of the lanes meant for oncoming traffic, according to a preliminary report. An officer stopped the vehicle, but Jackson, the driver, had no license to give him, the report states.

The reporting officer said he could smell alcohol on Jackson, and her speech was slurred. Also, the license plate on her vehicle expired in April, the preliminary report states.

Jackson failed a field sobriety test, and officers found an open, half-full bottle of Sutter Home wine in the vehicle’s center console, according to the report.

Jackson’s license was suspended after she was convicted in the September 2011 death of veteran Fayetteville road worker Jackie Luper, 51, on Joyce Boulevard. She told officers she had taken prescription medications prior to the incident. Her 12-year-old daughter was in the car at the time, officials said.

Following her negligent homicide conviction in June 2012, Jackson received a sentence of time served and was sentenced to no further jail or prison time, according to court records. She was also sentenced to 12 months of probation, which she fulfilled in June 2013, records show.

The city renamed the section of Joyce Boulevard from College Avenue to Crossover Road the honorary Jack Luper Boulevard.

Jackson was arrested Aug. 8 in a separate instance on suspicion of DWI, driving on a suspended license, reckless driving, having no proof of insurance and violating implied consent. She later posted a $2,000 bond out of the Washington County Detention Center, according to the Sheriff’s Office. Her arraignment in that case is set for Sept. 5.

During that incident, police said Jackson admitted to drinking half a bottle of wine and taking Hydrocodone and Adavan prescription medications. Open wine containers were also found in the vehicle, the preliminary report states.

Jackson failed a field sobriety test and was arrested and transported to jail, police said.

Prior to that arrest, Jackson was also arrested June 8 on suspicion of DWI. The arresting officer in the case said she was not wearing pants or underwear during the field sobriety test. Jackson was booked into jail and released several hours later on $1,780 bond, according to the Sheriff’s Office. (See the video from that encounter above).

Click here to read more about Jackson’s pantsless arrest in June.


  • Really?!

    Really?! What is it going to take for the judge to say enough is enough?! I guess killing a man wasnt enough!!!

  • objectivefodder

    Okay, now it’s clear this is a mental issue, time to incarcerate for her for the public’s safety. One death is enough. Law enforcement and the magistrates have a public responsibility to affectively put this woman in custody if only for protecting the citizenry. She’s clearly mentally ill and has a medical drug problem. This type of alcoholism is of the most severe. So sad. She needs help before something detrimental occurs involving another fatality.

    • unbelievable

      I agree she is a danger to herself and definitely a danger to the public. She obviously is not going to stop.

  • lm

    I’m sure that what the Jack Luper family must feel every time this woman is arrested is beyond agonizing as well as outraging. As if the loss of their loved one wasn’t enough.

  • zztopperman

    What will it take for a judge to stop allowing her to post bail? Maybe I missed it…I didn’t see that she bonded out this time or that the judge set bail….she should never have been allowed to bond out after being arrested again after already killing a man while driving impaired! And people wonder why criminals are repeat offenders! It’s because bleeding heart liberal judges don’t punish crime!

  • Ted

    To the average American, this woman is a bigger threat than ISIS. She’s killed an equal number of American citizens as the terrorist organization. She is undeterred by expired and revoked legal documents. The court’s efforts to stop her have been futile. The police can only react after she’s committed a crime. This woman is an imminent threat to everyone in NWA and it’s time to start treating her that way. Jo Jackson either needs to be in prison or a long-term inpatient rehab facility. If she’s not in 1 of those she will find herself in a grave and will likely be bringing others with her.

  • Zonex

    I see the christians are cherry-picking their bibles again by judging this woman. I bet your jesus wouldn’t appreciate that.

    • Ted

      Are you serious? This woman killed a man and continues the behavior that directly led to that death. We’re not judging her, we’re asking to be protected from her. I don’t think Jesus turned water into wine so this woman could drink half a bottle of it then go driving around. I pray you and your loved ones aren’t her next victims.

  • FS ER Nurse

    When you google the word “Adavan” it says, “Did you mean: ativan?” Not necessarily correction worthy, but it slightly detracts from the credibility of the story. Easy fix IMO.

  • Velda

    This lady needs a good whipping and her parents need to beat her every time she even thinks of alcoholic beverages.

  • Elizabeth

    *Ativan. How could y’all miss that? Detracts from credibility when you can’t spell words properly. I stopped reading after that.

  • Leten Uno

    Community service is not viable. She must be incarcerated into treatment. She’s going to get behind the wheel and kill someone if not stopped . Her license Should be gone for good at dwi 4. If the judge is worthy of reelection they will sentence her to two years, based on 3rd and 4th dwi within 5 years. Put her at the state hospital for 6 months. Them Grimes unit for 3-6.

  • unbelievable

    Does this women have a job? If not then where is she getting the money to buy the alcohol? Someone in her house needs to be held responsible for her actions also. Take the dang wheels off of her vehicle if you have to so she can’t leave. Does her child that was with her when she murdered the street worker still live with her? Every liquor store in Fayetteville needs to post a picture of her and refuse to sell her anything. If she were my neighbor I would call the police every time I saw her leave in a vehicle. When she finally hits and kills some child maybe then they will lock her up and throw away the key!

  • bobreal

    Sad; Jail Time WILL NOT FIX IT..
    Revoke Her DL for LIFE and Make Her JOIN AA..
    Hope She can find Someone that will show her TRUE TOUGH LOVE..

  • ranger

    But what about the endangered spotted owls! Her drunk driving at night is a clear and potential danger to this endangered species! The Fish and Game Department needs to educate people on the hazards of nocturnal drunk driving!

  • Gottalaugh

    She had her 12 year old child with her! What a great mom. Who is she related to that is keeping her out of trouble?

  • Sarah 300

    We will be discussing this again if the JUDGE does not do something. If this woman were African-American, Hispanic or under thirty she would already be serving time.

    • FEDUP

      Uh, here we go with playing the race card. Come on, Sarah 300, you know this has absolutely nothing to do with race.

      • objectivefodder

        You’re right and you’re wrong FEDUP. Truth is, the reality is SARAH is correct. We know this based on regional societal and statistical criminal data. Kudos for bringing up the obvious. Be thankful if you’re of the Caucasian race in these parts. Let’s be honest with ourselves now. She does need (Ms. Jackson), mental and medical help though. If this were Florida, Texas, Arizona or California, she’d be in a treatment center by now, most likely.

      • FEDUP

        . “We know this based on regional societal and statistical criminal data” Objectivefodder, please advise where these sources can be found. As an engineer, I can use statictics to prove anything..

  • Arkajun

    Saddest part of this is the complete failure of the justice and legal system to handle this. There is no way in hell that this woman should be on the street. There’s a judge, or DA out there that needs to held accountable for their lack of action. There is something terribly wrong when there are 4 DUIs, someone is dead, and the perp gets time served, but if I fire up a joint in the privacy my living room, I could get 5-10 at hard labor.

  • Marie

    Why isn’t this woman in Prison. She already committed one Murder. How many more will she be allowed to kill or injure?

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