Brian Floyd’s Autopsy Won’t Be Released Until Brooke Floyd’s Trial

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YELL COUNTY (KFSM) – The autopsy for Brian Floyd, a Greenwood father and husband who was found dead in the Ouachita Mountains, will not be released until the trial for Brooke Floyd starts, officials say.

Yell County Prosecuting Attorney Tom Tatum II received the results of the autopsy on Monday (Aug. 25) and decided based on those results that he will not make any changes to the current charges against Brooke Floyd. She remains charged with one count of manslaughter, according to Tatum.

Brooke Floyd’s trial date is scheduled for Oct. 6.

Court documents state Brian and Brooke Floyd went missing July 25 after taking methamphetamine and fleeing with their 10-month-old son Harper to the Ouachita Mountains, where they thought someone was following them. The couple’s truck broke down near Blue Mountain Lake, and the two believed they were being attacked by unknown assailants.

Brooke Floyd later conceded the attacks may have been fake, and the couple may have actually been attacking each other, according to court documents.

The woman left her husband and son in the woods to go find help. She was later found by U.S. Forest Service workers, court documents state.

Floyd was arrested shortly after authorities found her. They began searching for her then-missing husband and son and found them both dead  in a rural area of Yell County on July 29, not far from Brian’s Chevy pickup truck near Blue Mountain Lake, authorities said.