Prairie Grove Ready For New Opponents

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PRAIRIE GROVE (KFSM) - They start the season coming off of back-to-back playoff runs and league championships. The Prairie Grove Tigers say this year will be no less.

"I expect the same thing," senior receiver Elliott Chamberlain said. "I expect us to come out here hard, and play to the best of our ability. Hit hard and bring it to em."

But, they'll have new competition to face. Tigers coach Danny Abshier says there is no backing down if they want to make it to the top again.

"I think that, you know exchange one team for the other," Abshier said. "I mean, Ozark was a formidable opponent, and so was Farmington. Well, so is Huntsville, and so is Shiloh. It's still going to be a tough conference."

The Tigers have no worries.

"There's new teams moving in. We gotta show them how it's done in 4A," Chamerlain said.

"Shiloh will be pretty competitive, but I think we'll be just fine," senior wide receiver Zach Downey said. "I think we'll do just as well as we have done in the past."

Coach Abshier says they just got to stay focused on themselves right now, and their success will come.

"Every year we start, we just expect them to do the very best that they can do. That's what we're looking for, everybody do your part, do as best as you can, and we should be successful," Abshier said.

This team has a bulls eye on their back, but is ready for what lies ahead.


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