Clean Line Energy Meeting In Ozark

OZARK (KFSM)-Leaders and concerned landowners talked about the plans for a $2 billion transmission line which would run from Oklahoma through Arkansas and all the way to Tennessee. The power company held a meeting Thursday (Aug.28) to discuss with the concerned landowners about the prosposed project and what it could mean for the area.

Clean Line Energy said it’ll be two-hundred feet long and carrying high voltage power right through the River Valley.

Veterinarian Dr. Paula Broadfoot said if the transmission line gets built, there are numerous health concerns for wildlife that come about. “Cancer, heart disease, stress induced mental health issues, and depression, its just immense,” said Dr. Broadfoot.

“Arkansas produces more energy then it needs,” according to Dr. Broadfoot. “We don’t need here, they are going to chew up some property across Arkansas and serve a little of Arkanasas utilities.”

The company’s thats planning to build the transmission line already has the approval it needs from the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission. However, the project still needs to work some details before they can build the proposed transmission line.



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