Businesses “Very Concerned” About Enforcement Of Civil Rights Ordinance

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FAYETTEVILLE (KFSM) – The Fayetteville Chamber of Commerce released a response Thursday to the city’s new civil rights ordinance, saying local business owners are “very concerned” about how the law will be implemented.

In the letter to Fayetteville Mayor Lioneld Jordan, the Chamber suggests the city create a 10-person panel to deal with discrimination claims, in order to protect the rights of local business owners.

The letter recommends the panel be made up of two members of the lesbian-gay-bisexual-transgender community, two members of the retail business community, two members of the real estate business community, two members of the faith community and two lawyers who are engaged in civil rights practices.

The anti-discrimination ordinance was passed six votes to two by the Fayetteville City Council in the early hours of Aug. 20, following about nine hours of public input and discussion.

Proponents of the law believe it is needed to protect the rights of locals who might otherwise be discriminated against by local businesses and housing agencies. Those against the ordinance said they believed it could open up frivolous claims against otherwise reputable local businesses and possible violate those business owners’ First Amendment rights.

The ordinance will create a civil rights administrator, who will be able to use the city’s powers to ensure “all persons within the city have equal access to employment, housing and public accommodations,” the ordinance states. The ordinance states it will ban business establishments from discriminating against people based on real or perceived race, ethnicity, national origin, age, gender, gender identity, gender expression, familial status, marital status, socioeconomic background, religion, sexual orientation, disability and veteran status.

The proposed ordinance also bans discrimination measures while employing a person or conducting a housing or real estate transaction.

Click here to read more about the ordinance and how it was approved by the city council.


  • Richard S. Drake

    This is a very biased – not to mention lazy – piece of reporting. I don’t expect KFSM to actually look at the cities which have such ordinances which regularly make it on the list pf the most desirable places to live in the United States. But many of them have had such laws on the books for a long time, and the world has not come to an end.
    There are many local businesses which SUPPORT the ordinance; perhaps one day (a slow news day?) when KFSM might bother to report on them.
    The Chamber, it should be recalled, ALSO wanted the TV cameras taken out of City Hall back in the early 1990s.
    How many improvements in Fayetteville has the chamber been opposed to over the years, that later turned out to be very popular?

    • Realist

      Richard Drake, to quote: “I don’t expect KFSM to actually look at the cities which have such ordinances which regularly make it on the list pf the most desirable places to live in the United States. But many of them have had such laws on the books for a long time, and the world has not come to an end.
      There are many local businesses which SUPPORT the ordinance”

      I keep hearing/seeing this line posted, please link me to these so called desirable places? What study? Who did it? Where is this information you and a few others so readily throw out this statement, but have no factual proof.

      What local businesses supported it? Again, links that verify your claims please.

      Don’t depend on KFSM to do it, if you have the proof, LINK IT!

      Otherwise, you are lying and going on hearsay. Show me factual (more than ONE link) to prove to me that “such ordinances which regularly make it on the list of the most desirable places to live”.

      The point is, business owners have a right to worry about this. We have laws on the books Federal and State for these type of matters. We have a Federal entity that handles these situations, why are we as citizens and businesses being forced to cater to a small group? I think foresight is lost on individuals (city council) in not realizing a NON-issue or at the very least SMALL issue, has now been thrust front and center.

      The city council members who “say” they have been “told” by many individuals about discrimination… AGAIN, where is the PROOF! Signed statements or individuals coming forward, PROOF or it didn’t happen. If they have been discriminated against, there are already laws for that.

      Are those laws not good enough? Do we really have to/need a small select group of people forcing their will on the larger majority? Problem or no, it has now been thrust to the center stage. Expect people to voice their concerns openly when it was FORCED on them by a so called “open minded” city council who drew the line in the sand. Of course people have a right to be angry and voice their opinions now.

      The city council has catered to a small and select group of individuals, calling them a minority.

      So when are we going to get special rules for the Blue-eyed, Blonde Hair, under 4ft tall people minority group? Just asking, because if you don’t pass something for that minority group you are a bigot, right?

  • Richard S. Drake

    As loathe as I am to respond to someone who hasn’t the integrity to use their real name, here is a list of Cities and Counties with Non-Discrimination Ordinances which Include Gender Identity:

    Arizona: Phoenix, Tucson/ California
: Los Angeles, Oakland, Palm Springs, San Diego, San Francisco, Santa Cruz County, West Hollywood. //// Colorado: Boulder, Denver.//// District of Columbia///// Washington D.C. //// Florida: Atlantic Beach, Alachua County, Broward County, Gainesville, Gulfport, Key West, Lake Worth, Leon County, Miami Beach, Monroe County, Palm Beach County, Pinellas County, Orlando, Tampa, Volusia County,
    West Palm Beach. ///// Georgia: Atlanta.///// Idaho: Boise, Coeur d’Alene, Ketchum, Moscow, Sandpoint, Victor.//// Illinois: Carbondale, Chicago, Cook County, Decatur, DeKalb, Evanston, Peoria, Springfield. ////// Indiana: Bloomington, Indianapolis, Marion County, Monroe County, South Bend. ////// Iowa: Cedar Rapids, Council Bluffs, Davenport, Des Moines, Iowa City, Johnson County, Waterloo. ////// Kansas: Lawrence, Roeland Park. ////
    Kentucky: Covington, Danville, Frankfort, Jefferson County, Lexington, Lexington-Fayette County, Louisville,
    Morehead, Vicco. ///// Louisiana: New Orleans, Shreveport. ///// Maryland: Baltimore, Howard County, Hyattsville,
    Montgomery County. //// Massachusetts: Boston, Cambridge, Northampton, Salem. ///// Michigan: Ann Arbor,
    Detroit, East Lansing, Ferndale, Grand Rapids, Huntington Woods, Kalamazoo, Lansing, Pleasant Ridge,
    Saugatuck, Sterling Heights, Traverse, Ypsilanti. ///// Minnesota: Minneapolis, St. Paul. //// Missouri: Columbia,
    Clayton, Kansas City, Kirkwood, Olivette, St. Louis County, St. Louis, University City ////// Montana: Bozeman,
    Butte, Helena, Missoula. /////// Nebraska: Omaha. ///////// New York: Albany, Binghamton, Buffalo, Ithaca,
    New York City, Rochester, Suffolk County, Syracuse, Tompkins County, Westchester County, ////// North Carolina:
    Chapel Hill. ////// Ohio: Athens, Bowling Green, Cincinnati, Cleveland, Columbus, Coshocton, Dayton, East Cleveland, Newark, Oxford, Summit County, Toledo, Yellow Springs. ////// Oregon: Beaverton, Bend, Benton County, Corvallis, Hillsboro, Lake Oswego, Lincoln City, Multnomah County, Portland, Salem. ////// Pennsylvania:
    Abington Township, Allegheny County, Allentown, Bethlehem, Cheltenham Township, Doylestown, East Norriton,
    Easton, Erie County, Harrisburg, Hatboro, Haverford Township, Jenkinstown Borough, Lansdowne Borough, Lower Marion Township, New Hope Borough, Newton Borough, Philadelphia, Pittston, Scranton, Springfield Township, State College Borough, Susquehanna Township, Swarthmore, Upper Merion Township, West Chester Borough, Whitemarsh Township, York. ///////// South Carolina: Myrtle Beach. ////// Texas: Austin, Dallas County,
    Dallas, El Paso, Fort Worth, Houston. //////// Utah: Alta, Grand County, Harrisville, Logan, Midvale, Moab, Murray City, Ogden, Salt Lake City, Salt Lake County, Springdale, Summit County, Taylorsville, West Valley, City ////// Washington: Burien, King County, Seattle, Spokane, Tacoma. ////// West Virginia: Morgantown, Charleston. //////// Wisconsin: Dane County, Madison, Milwaukee, Dane County. Madison, Milwaukee.

  • Jcar

    They should wise up and leave because The City of Fayetteville will likely continue the quest to be Eureka- South!

  • Juan Little Deer Buchanon

    What’s the big deal as long as someone is doing their job, abiding by a contract, or working toward decency? Discrimination has always been woven into the “American tapestry”. Get up and go forward!

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