Fayetteville School Named 22nd In The Nation For Best High School

FAYETTEVILLE [KFSM] – According to Newsweek magazine, Haas Hall Academy on College Avenue in Fayetteville is in the top 25 public high schools in the entire country.

Haas Hall Academy began as a school run out of a dairy farm in Farmington in 2004. In 2009, the school moved to its current location. Founder and Superintendent Martin Schoppmeyer said the free charter school has a graduation rate and college acceptance rate of 100%.

“Haas Hall Academy has always been set up to be a college preparatory institution…we do everything by semester, not by the year, so our scholars do twice as much in one calender year and it shows in the data to our success,” Schoppmeyer said.

The superintendent said the school has 320 scholars in grades 8 through 12.

“We do everything yep, athletics, academics, any kind of academic competition…we excel in those areas too,” Schoppmeyer said.

Parent Tammy Garrish has two children at Haas Hall and said her eighth-grader and twelfth-grader have had a good experience at the charter school.

“They’ve been very challenged and been able to do lots of things that I don’t know that at a bigger school they would have had a chance to do,” Garrish said.

Newsweek used several indicators to rank the schools. They include SAT/ACT scores, graduation rates, college acceptance rates, the percentage of students on free or reduced lunch, and the number of college-level courses and exams offered.

“It’s pretty phenomenal, I mean I wasn’t surprised but very pleased and happy to have my kids here,” Garrish said.

The superintendent said the school will be expanding in the fall of 2015. A new location in Bentonville will house 500 more students, and the location in Fayetteville will increase attendance from 320 to 500 students. He said the school will be located at 2600 J Street.


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