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One Dead in Rollover Accident in Uniontown

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

UNIONTOWN (KFSM) - One person is dead after a rollover accident in Uniontown, according to authorities on scene.

Crawford County deputies said they were dispatched to the scene of the rollover around 6:15 a.m. near 11142 Barcelona Road. When they arrived, they found a man dead near his Jeep.

It's unclear what caused the accident, or when exactly the accident happened, according to authorities on scene.

The victim's name is not being released at this time, authorities said. His body is being taken to the Arkansas State Crime Lab for further examination.

Authorities are working to determine if speed or alcohol were a factor in the accident.

5NEWS will continue to follow this story as it develops.


  • Velda

    If this poor guy was simply wearing a seat belt, he’d of had a 95% of survival in these gental roll over type of crashes.

  • Moose Moore

    @Velda, don’t assume he was not wearing a seatbelt….and don’t mouth off about someone’s loss of life…..and your 95% rollover rating is wrong…..

  • cwilliams

    @velda, how do you know he was not wearing a seat belt? what rollover crash is ever gentle ? and where did you get you’re 95% from ? why not just say so sorry for the loss this family is experiencing and offer some genuine sympathy

  • unbelievable

    Sorry for the family.
    Why beat up on Velda. She was just stating that wearing a seatbelt is the best way to avoid serious injury in a crash.

  • Kallie

    Why is Chanel 5 showing video of the vehicle and then reporting “that the victim’s family is being notified”? Do you geniuses not realize that maybe the family is watching this report and will see the vehicle and recognize it and not to mention your very disrespectful shot of the body? Have some respect for this person’s family. I stay frustrated with 5 news anyway. First of all, your reporters on the early morning news can barely speak. A few weeks ago, the one girl had no clue how to pronounce Yosemite National Park. She pronounced it “yo’s mite”. Educate your staff before putting them out there to broadcast the news. Lastly, your NWA stories always outnumber the stories in the River Valley. Can’t you all cover the River Valley as much as you do NWA?

  • Emily

    I cant bear to watch this video but a comment above states this was posted before his family was even contacted, and a shot of his body is shown? How heartless and disgusting. This man has children! What if they were to see this. As for Velda everyone makes that mistake on the occasion, and I’m quite sure you don’t know if he had it on or off. Channel 5 you have most certainly lost a fan. For the family of my friend Im so very sorry for your loss he will be missed and Ill be sending lots of prayers your way during this horrific time. God bless you.

  • Stephenie

    Yes this person has 3 kids and as a matter of a fact a new born baby as well. We all make poor mistake and sometimes in life we have to suffer for the wrong choices we make.. He was a close friend to many many people including me.. He also had a rare bone disease and half his child hood was wheeled in a wheelchair.. But the gang in vanburen always stood by his side reagarless of him not being able to walk. Guess what doctors said he would never walk normal and pretty much be wheel chair bound his whole
    Life.. Well he proved them wrong and walked and is walking without even a Cane.. We all have hard times and he was going through a divorce and didn’t make the right choices at the moment. And yes it caused him his life.. But he has babies and every single one of them loved there daddy.. He will
    Be dearly missed RIP!!! And yes please let’s not judge him for it’s to late to judge.. Like I said we all
    Make mistakes and sadly it was a mistake that could of be prevented. Please think twice before u get behind the wheel guys.. Rip Brian

  • aliesha

    he has 4 children. he has 3 with Tiffany and one with Sarah. he will be missed dearly. praying for the family. Love you Brian, you were like a brother. you always made your friends laugh and were so much fun to be around.

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