Police: Lincoln Man Arrested After His Dogs Died Of Neglect

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LINCOLN (KFSM) – A Lincoln man is behind bars after his dogs died of neglect, police say.

Kristopher Gooch, 35, was booked into the Washington County Detention Center on Thursday (Aug. 28). He faces a charge of aggravated animal cruelty, according to the jail’s intake log.

On May 9, a Washington County Sheriff’s deputy was sent to a residence on South Wedington Blacktop Road in Lincoln. The deputy was responding to a call about an animal complaint, according to court documents.

When the deputy arrived, he found two dead dogs at the residence decaying and covered in maggots, court documents state.

Gooch told the deputy that his ex-girlfriend Carin Macario had abandoned them and that he did not know the dogs were at his residence, according to court documents.

He also said he was in the hospital for a week around the end of April, and when he got out, he found Macario and her new boyfriend were living at the residence where the dogs were. Gooch said he got mad and kicked them out, and Macario did not take her dogs with her, court documents state.

The deputy spoke with Macario, and she said she left the residence and went to stay at a temporary place where she couldn’t have dogs. She said she told Gooch she would arrive on May 2 to get her dogs, according to court documents.

Macario told the deputy that Gooch said he would “see all the dogs dead before he would give her anything,” court documents state.

When Macario went to the residence on May 2, she found one of the dogs there nearly dead on the back porch. She said the dog was “shaking, vomiting on itself, could not get up and smelled very bad,” according to court documents.

Macario said she grabbed her two other dogs and loaded them in her car. There was also a dog there named Macie that belonged to Gooch. Macie was tied up at the end of the porch. On April 30, she had left a bucket of water for the dogs, and by the time she arrived at the home on May 2, it was empty. They also had no food, court documents state.

Before she left, she got food and water for the dogs remaining at the residence, according to court documents.

After she left the home, she said she texted Gooch about the dying animal, and he became angry, threatening her, court documents state.

The deputy photographed text messages that matched Macario’s story, as well as, responses from Gooch acknowledging the dog on the porch was dying, according to court documents.

When the deputy returned to Gooch’s residence, he continued to deny knowing that the dogs were at his home. The deputy noted in his report that he had reason to believe Gooch did know about the dogs, though, because they were tied up near the entrances to the house. Gooch would have to walk past the dogs to go in or out of the home, court documents state.

An arrest warrant was issued for Gooch, and he was later taken into custody. His next hearing is on Aug. 29, according to the jail’s intake report.


  • nealnbob

    Since the dogs had been poisoned by his neighbors, I think he’s got a great chance at winning a lawsuit against police and 5News. As for all of the judgmental people, you’ll be judged one day!

  • Carin Macario

    I also stated that I believed my dog was poisoned and I would never think he did it. I believe it was someone trying to get at him thinking they were his dogs. I love how they twist the facts. (Sarcasm) I hope he does sue & I have already informed him I would back him up.

  • me

    According to court documents, court documents state, according to court documents, court documents state. Any other way to finish a paragraph? Come on guys.

    • Curt Lanning

      Citation, citation, citation, me. It’s very important to journalists. Those are the rules here. Everything is cited so there can be no question about where a fact came from.

  • Rick

    Even if the dogs were poision he should have taken them to the vet and call the police. With the dogs tied up near or at front of house he should have noticed them looking sick. As far as the law suit no way his dogs his resposablity to take care of them even if someone else hurts them, then you can go after that person in court.

  • kris gooch

    First off…know the whole story . I hadnt been there in a week. Then i was in the hospital due to diabetes. Second, i didnt even know the dogs where even there. When you are ordered by the sheriff to let the owners get the dogs and do not interfere or go to jail for harrasment , then i did just that. The dogs where supposed to be removed then i assumed just that. My dog was still there and ran loose since nomatter how many collars i put on him , he’d break them. Third , i solely paid for every bit of care they ever had and wouldnt ever harm any of those dogs. The so called “facts ” of the whole case is twisted and a load of lies. Just as the report i was arrested…shite….i turned myself in and had to wait 30 minutes in front of the jail to even get let in to get booked. It will all come out in court and thats just that.

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